| What is Antivirus?

What is Antivirus?

Get enhanced online protection with Antivirus and Internet Security Suite

Antivirus and Internet security often seem to be different terms used to define the same thing. That is why, it is important to highlight the difference between them and know the grounds they differ.
Antivirus also known as virus removal software is programmed to search, prevent, detect and remove viruses. It is a tool which protects a system from major security threats. An antivirus is an important prerequisite to connect a system to the internet and stay protected from infections. However, it is important to keep your antivirus version updated as the antivirus companies constantly update their detection tools to deal with the latest infections popping up.
How does an antivirus detect viruses?
All the data and program files already present and new to the computer system go through the antivirus scan. The programs which do not match the digital signatures, are classified as malicious and are blacklisted. The rest of the program files then pass through the Defense + Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS). Here entry is permitted to the known files which are allowed to run in the system while the unknown ones are forwarded to the Defence+Sandbox. If the user allows any of these restricted files  it would be added to the whitelist while the remaining ones continue to be in the Sandbox.
Features of a good antivirus
There are some well known antivirus companies in the market that build and render antivirus software that are specifically used for the following services:

  • It scans files and directories to detect any malicious pattern or malware infection if persistent.
  • It evaluates and displays the health of your computer.
  • Schedulesscansto run automatic scans on a timely basis.
  • Removes any malicious code or infections present in your computer.

When it comes to an antivirus, it is highly recommended to use the best one to protect your computer, tablet, smartphone or laptop. In addition to this, several other advantages of using an antivirus are listed below –

  • It detects viruses, malware, spyware and all the other unknown threats and removes them  to ensure  computer security.
  •  Antivirus software enables a computer user to quickly scan an external device to ensure that it is free from any infection.
  • An antivirus checks every incoming and outgoing data through internet leading to a two-way firewall protection.

There are various Antivirus software which you can prefer for your system security but the best ones include Bull Guard, Hitman Pro, 360 Total Security and Sophos.
Internet security
A few years ago internet security was as simple as a firewall which was used for the dial-up connection. With the rise in technology and virtual machines, it has become more complex. Business owners not only need a software responsible for protecting their web servers but also need a security system which can protect their customer’s and business partner’s data.This is the reason why many business owners are worried about their internet security.
At the user’s end, it can be dangerous at times to browse the internet without any security measure. However, being safe online is almost similar to remaining safe at any other place in the world. Like the real world, it is better to take some early precautions and prevent yourself from  future hazards. That is where internet security comes into the picture.
The internet security is a field of computer security  specifically related to the internet and covers network security and browser security on a general level. In simple words, internet security is the best malware protection that includes protection of personal data and ensures that the data entered through any web forms remain secure and private. It guards the user by protecting his personal information from getting leaked and ensuring protection from security threats.


What do you need for Internet Security?
Every computer needs to have three lines of Defense. Each one of these contributes to keep the computer safe from attacks. These three elements include the Firewall, an up to date operating system and an antivirus software.
A firewall is basically a digital barrier which blocks unauthorized access to your computer until you allow it.  In other words, a firewall is more like a security guard which stands between your computer and the troublemakers on the net. So, your firewall basically monitors all the communication between your system and the web. This blocks the troublemakers from accessing your computer and causing any discrepancies. The firewall also prevents the attacks by worms which are a kind of malicious software that is closely related to viruses.
It is not enough just to have a firewall; it is also important to check whether it is  on or not. If it isn’t then it is important to make sure that you switch it on. Apart from the built-in firewall, there are many paid and free firewall which you can download off the internet and enhance your system security.

Features of a good internet security software
The internet security is the specific term which helps a user to remain secure from various vulnerabilities. A  Good internet security software includes is:

  • Anti-spyware: A spyware is a malware program which secretly steals your data files and records the activity of the infected computer systems. The spyware can be used by cybercriminals to collect confidential information about the user such as his bank account details, other login credentials and can even record the search preferences of the user. Internet security software should be capable of coping up with such malicious activities.
  • Anti-Phishing: Anti-phishing software integrates with the email client software and the web browser. This helps identify and notify the user of any phishing content encountered on the web or by email.
  • Anti-malware: An internet security software should be capable of preventing your computer system from malware infection such as Trojans, Spyware, Adware and more. These malware programs are designed to cause serious disruptions and destroy your confidential data.
  • Anti-Trojan: Anti-Trojan software is the one which performs integrity checks on the programs which the user installs on the system. If  any program you install has some malicious features then the Internet security software will check and will notify you.. The Internet Security software is capable of identifying and isolating such malicious programs and stop them from performing any malicious activity.
  • Anti-Rootkit: An Anti  Rootkit is a type of infection which can integrate into the operating system and replace all your critical files that have malicious and corrupt versions. Software with anti-rootkit functionality can help  to detect and remove major rootkit infections from  the system.


Using an internet security suite offers the following advantages to the computer users:

  • The internet security suites guard the computer against phishing attacks.
  • It provides an effective security system which comes with a firewall (other than the OS firewall) thereby keeping the destructive elements at bay.
  • It serves as a great security measure for carrying out any financial transaction or any confidential task over the internet.
  • An Internet Security suite is a way of protecting your website server from major security issues. It prevents the cybercriminals from gaining a backdoor entry in your system.

Antivirus V/S Internet security
Both internet security and antivirus software are designed to protect the computer from infections but there is still a significant difference between the two. To help you differentiate, here is a list of differences –

  • The major difference between the two is that the internet security suite protects a user from various forms of malicious codes and programs. It does so through its advanced abilities such as detection of phishing attacks, keyloggers, firewalls and taking action against worms and Trojans. On the other hand, an antivirus protects a computer system from various forms of threats such as viruses and worms.
  • The next basis of differentiation between antivirus and internet security is the availability of a firewall. An Internet security suite includes a firewall whereas antivirus software doesn’t.


  • As far as the cost of purchase is concerned, the antivirus software is a less costly affair than the internet security suite. Many of the antivirus software are either available for free or at a low cost of purchase whereas finding a free Internet security suite is rare because it comes at a higher price due to its extensive range of valuable features.
  • An antivirus is normally seen as a virus remover which is considered useful for the basic protection whereas an Internet security suite is designed to provide full malware protection from external storage devices such as USB Drives and internet threats.


To conclude, an antivirus is a good choice for a basic protection of home users whereas an internet security suite is preferable for business and professionals.
Internet security and antivirus are both a measure of protection  designed to provide a safe system usage and browsing experience. However, if you use your system for business or some other confidential purposes, it is important to get an internet security suite for a safe browsing and internet usage.You can always choose between the two on the basis of the sensitivity of data stored in your computer.

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