Mylobot Malware
Virus | 06/26/2018

Mylobot Malware – Recruits your PC as a Foot Soldier in a Botnet!

About: Mylobot Malware is a harmful botnet virus with never before seen capabilities. It infects the system and disables the Windows firewall and terminates the Windows defender and windows updates. It downloads ransomware & malicious files on the system, s...  Read More  

| Virus | Mylobot Malware – Recruits your PC as a Foot Soldier in a Botnet!

Mylobot Malware – Recruits your PC as a Foot Soldier in a Botnet!

What is Mylobot Malware?

Mylobot Malware is a recent threat that attacks the user systems and injects its program directly into the memory.

Mylobot malware after its successful infiltration in the user’s system goes into hibernation for 14 days. It does this to avoid detection from security software and anti-virus definitions.  After the 2 weeks of hibernation it connects with it C&C severs, maintained on the dark web.

Mylobot Malware – Threat Behavior

The Command and control Servers used by Mylobot Malware are jointly used with other malware programs. These malware are used to raise havoc and damage to systems worldwide. It has been observed by researchers that with the advent in technology, programmers and developers of harmful code have started sharing their malware with other similar minded people. The malware programs are now being rented or sold for profits by the creators of these harmful computer codes.

Mylobot Malware after its initial hibernation becomes active and targets the Windows Update, Windows Defender and terminates the application. It disables the Windows Firewall to avoid detection of other payloads which are downloaded from its C&C servers. This botnet virus can be used to inject code in the system to create a suspended process that hides the actual process.

The harmful payloads can range from ransomware to banking trojans. The private data of the user becomes vulnerable and can be collected by the cyber miscreants to implement threats. Keyloggers can be used to collect every keystroke of the user, increasing the risk of password and username being stolen.

Mylobot Malware eliminates its competition from the system i.e. other malware which may be already present on the machine. It does so, to become the sole benefactor from its malicious intrusion.

The Mylobot Malware is known to conduct the following processes

  • Anti-debugging techniques
  • Anti-VM techniques
  • Anti-Sandbox techniques
  • Code Injection
  • Encypted resource file used to wrap an internal part.
  • Process Hollowing – Creating a new process to hide its own process from the Anti-virus software.
  • Reflexive EXE – Used to execute files directly from the system memory to avoid detection and deletion.

The systems that it takes under its control are then used as a foot soldier for providing resources to perform DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), Send spam to bait more people into downloading malware, steal sensitive data and perform other malicious activities.

It is still early and not much is known about the specifics of the Mylobot Malware. Users should be careful during their online activities and avoid suspicious links, ads and mails.

Threat Summary

Name – Mylobot

Category – Malware, Botnet Virus

Targeted Operating Systems – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.0/8.1, Windows 10

Symptoms – Terminates windows defenders and windows updates, disables windows firewall, injects files in the memory directly to avoid detection. the system is made a botnet server in its network, steals data and injects other malware on the system.

How To Remove Mylobot Malware from the system?

Mylobot Malware is a dangerous computer program that should be immediately removed from the computer system. the guide to remove Mylobot Malware is mentioned below.

Follow these steps to delete the Mylobot Malware from the PC to keep it risk free.

Tips to prevent your computer system from getting infected

  1. Keeping the Operating System Updated- In order to remain protected and avoid such infections, it is recommended to keep your Operating System updated by enabling the automatic update on your system. The systems with outdated or older versions of Operating System become an easy target for the attackers.
  2. Resist clicking on spam emails – One of the major techniques used for malware distribution is forwarding spam emails to the user. The system gets infected as soon as the user clicks on the attachment. These mails appear to be genuine, so be aware and resist falling for these tricks.
  3. Keep an eye on third party installations- It is quite important that you take due care while installing any third party applications for they are major source of such infections. Such malware programs come bundled with the free applications thereby requiring the user to remain cautious.
  4. Regular periodical backup- In order to keep your data and files safe, it is recommended to take regular back up of all your data and files either on an external drive or cloud.
  5. Use Anti-Virus Protection- We strongly recommend the use of antivirus protection/internet security in your PC like Vipre and Avira so that it remains safe.
  6. Enable the Ad Blocker/Popup Blocker in your browser- Enabling the popup blocker/ ad blocker in your chosen browser will help you to stay protected from annoying adware.

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