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How to remove twunk_32.exe?

About: Twunk_32.exe is a dangerous virus that installs itself on your computer and changes your computer settings. It is absolutely necessary to remove this malicious software, because it could lead to the installation of other viruses.

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What is twunk_32.exe?

twunk_32.exe is an executable file associated with MSDN Disc 2180. This malicious .exe file seeks to install itself on your PC to damage your system and disable network security. It can cause significant changes to your device and also cause other viruses to be installed. It has the ability to exploit your security vulnerabilities and install without your knowledge.


How did twunk_32.exe get installed on your PC?

Cybercriminals use several means to circulate twunk_32.exe in the target PC. It can come through malicious hyperlinks, spam, attachments in emails. Often, e-mails sent give the impression of coming from a government organization, a shipping company or other by their header, but they generally contain many spelling mistakes. In this case, even if you are curious you should avoid opening email attachments.

They can also send you a message by passing the twunk_32 virus as a useful software, a necessary Windows file, or asking you to update the java or Adobe Flash Player files.

You should be careful of anything that seems suspicious and whose origin you do not know, because malware browser hijacker are very clever and can infiltrate between all vulnerabilities.


Why is twunk_32 a dangerous malware?

The twunk_32 exe virus is very dangerous for any computer system. If you are a victim of a twunk_32 exe malware attack, twunk virus can display false alerts pretending your computer is infected by malware, automatically disable important processes and registries, ask victims to click hyperlinks to solve a problem, block access to various legitimate programs, and can also change your computer settings unnecessarily. Cyber criminals may have access to your workstation, and this endangers the security of your personal data. The twunk_32 exe virus destroys your security software and your anti-virus protection and you are thus exposed to all the risks.


Threat Summary

  • Name: Twunk_32.exe
  • Targeted Operating System: Windows system
  • Category: Malware
  • Symptoms: If your system is infected, you will receive error messages regularly.


How to remove twunk_32.exe?

If this malware ever installs on your computer, you absolutely must do a twunk_32 removal. You can use a twunk_32 exe virus remover such as malware cleaner softwares. Some of these programs are free malware removal. Alternatively, you can use this twunk_32 removal guide by following this twunk_32 removal instruction.


Step 1: You must repair the registry entries associated with the MSDN 2180 disk

  1. Type “Regedit” in search box / Run Box, select it and press Enter.
  2. An authorization dialog box will appear, then you just have to click “Yes”.
  3. In the registry editor, take the backup of the current registry settings before making any changes in case you want to revert to old settings later. For this, Clcik on File option in the menu and select Export. Save the entry at a known location.
  4. From the Menu, Click Edit and Select Find.
  5. Enter Twain_32 and click Ok in the search box.
  6. Select the Highlighted Entry and remove in case it contains malicious information.
  7. Press “F3” Key to continue this process till you remove all malicious keys containing this Entry.


Step 2: You must run Windows System File Checker (“sfc /scannow”)

This tool will allow you to analyze and restore Windows system files, including those related to twunk.exe. If System File Checker finds a problem with your EXE file, it will then attempt to replace it automatically.

  1. First click on the “Start” button
  2. Enter “Command” in the search field. (being careful not to press ENTER for the moment)
  3. Hold down the CTRL-Shift key on your keyboard and press ENTER. An authorization dialog box will appear, then you just have to click “Yes“.
  4. When a black box opens with a blinking cursor, type “sfc /scannow” and press ENTER.

System File Checker will begin analyzing your system file problems. The analysis may take some time, so be patient. Then you just have to follow the commands on the screen.


Step 3: You must Check the System Configurations settings

  1. Type “Msconfig” in search box / Run Box, select it and press Enter.
  2. Click on “Services” Tab and click on “Hide all Microsoft services”
  3. Select Twain_32 from the list of remaining services and disable it.
  4. Move to the next tab – “Startup”
  5. Find any black entry or the entry with Twain_32 mentioned and remove the check mark


Step 4: You must uninstall and reinstall the MSDN Disc 2180 program associated with Twunk_32.exe.

It may be that if your twunk_32.exe error is related to a specific program, reinstalling MSDN Disc 2180 software is the solution.

Instructions for Windows XP :

  1. First click the “Start” button to open the programs and features, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Click Add or Remove Programs, then locate twunk_32.exe-associated program below the list of currently installed programs.
  3. Click on the entry associated with the MSDN 2180 disk then on the Remove button on the right of your screen. You can then follow the instructions displayed on your screen to complete the uninstallation of your twunk_32.exe-associated program.

 Instructions for Windows 7 and Windows Vista :

  1. First click the “Start” button to open the programs and features, then click Control Panel on the right menu.
  2. Click Programs, then Programs and Features.
  3. Locate twunk_32.exe-associated program under the Name column, then click the MSDN Disc 2180-associated entry
  4. In the top menu ribbon, click the Uninstall button. You can follow the instructions displayed on your screen to complete the uninstallation of your twunk_32.exe-associated program.


Instructions for Windows 8 :

  1. By placing the cursor at the bottom left on the Start menu, right-click to display the Start context menu.
  2. Click Programs and Features then locate twunk_32.exe-associated program under the Name column.
  3. Click the entry associated with the MSDN 2180 disk and then click Uninstall/Change in the top menu.
  4. You only have to follow the instructions displayed on your screen to complete the uninstallation of your twunk_32.exe-partner program.
  5. Once the program has been successfully uninstalled, you only have to reinstall the program according to Microsoft’s instructions.


Step 5: You must use Windows system recovery to “undo” recent system changes.

  1. First click on the “Start” button.
  2. Enter “System Restore” in the search field and press ENTER. Tap System Restore in the displayed results.
  3. Enter your administrator password if required, then follow the steps in the wizard to select a restore point.



Step 6: Make all available Windows updates

  1.  First click on the “Start” button
  2. Enter “Update” in the search field and press ENTER.
  3. When the dialog box appears, if updates are available, you only have to click the Install Updates button.


Step7: Use Windows Defender

You make use Windows Defender program for latest windows versions to find this malicious program and remove it.


Step 8 You must update your PC device drivers

It is recommended to use a driver update tool such as DriverDoc to automate the process. This tool will update all device drivers on your PC, saving your current drivers before making changes. You will then be able to improve the speed and performance of your PC with updates.


Step 9 : Reinstall the OS after backing up important ( The Last Resort)

Reinstalling Windows is your last option to try to solve your twunk_32.exe problem. If the twunk_32.exe errors continue to persist after that, your problem is probably hardware related, so you will need to replace it.


Tips to prevent your computer system from getting infected –

  1. Keeping the Operating System Updated- In order to remain protected and avoid such infections, it is recommended to keep your Operating System updated by enabling the automatic update on your system. The systems with outdated or older versions of Operating System become an easy target for the attackers.
  2. Resist clicking on spam emails – One of the major techniques used for malware distribution is forwarding spam emails to the user. The system gets infected as soon as the user clicks on the attachment. These mails appear to be genuine, so be aware and resist falling for these tricks.
  3. Keep an eye on third party installations- It is quite important that you take due care while installing any third party applications for they are major source of such infections. Such malware programs come bundled with the free applications thereby requiring the user to remain cautious.
  4. Regular periodical backup- In order to keep your data and files safe, it is recommended to take regular back up of all your data and files either on an external drive or cloud.
  5. Use Anti-Virus Protection- We strongly recommend the use of antivirus protection/internet security in your PC like Avira Optimization Suite and Hitman pro so that it remains safe.
  6. Enable the Ad Blocker/Popup Blocker in your browser- Enabling the popup blocker/ ad blocker in your chosen browser will help you to stay protected from annoying adware.

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