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Trojan | 06/11/2019

Rootkit – A blessing or a curse for Window’s users

About: Trojan Rootkit is malicious software which aims to steal your sensitive information. The ultimate aim behind this stealing is the monetary gains by the attackers.

| Trojan | Rootkit – A blessing or a curse for Window’s users

The word Rootkit, as the name suggests, is the combination of two words put together. Yes, you got it right!


rootkit virus


The word “Root” refers to the following terminologies / conditions in computer world:

1)        The Base of Operating system where all OS boot related entries are stored. These entries are responsible for the successful loading of the OS after the power on self-test (or POST). The process is often termed as booting of the system where the controls are transferred to these OS Components responsible in loading the KERNEL after detecting the Hardware resources available.

2)        Once the OS is loaded successfully, the login screen comes In effect. The Word Root also refers to the administrative privileges available to a user. In most cases, these users are termed as “Administrators” to the computer. They have special permission to execute critical tasks that may change the behavior of the Operating system.

3)        The Word Root also refers to the base drive partition where the OS and the related components (Services, DLL, system files, and Driver information) are stored.


The Word “Kit” is taken from the business world that means a combination of various tools together. The classic examples are Shaving kit, Medical kit, make-up kit etc. In Computer world, it refers to a collection of programs/Software together.




The word “Rootkit” can be easily associated with all types of malware threats like Trojan Virus and worms. The outcome is considered the Deadliest in Computer World!


Let us understand – Why?

The behavior of the new variant is same as Rootkit.Gen (Trojan.Rootkit.Gen) and Unfortunately, Rootkit malware find a place deep into the Operating system hence, the detection is a challenging task. In addition, it not only disables the key – functioning of the system but the excessive pop-up advertisements rogue the anti Trojan programs. Moreover, it takes control over the task manager and Registry keys, resulting in their disability. Undoubtedly, the Trojan Rootkit allows the installation of antivirus but restrict its functionalities. The disability of the software/applications is one of its biggest symptoms. It clearly sign that the Rootkit virus has taken control over the system.

Attackers, with monetary gain in mind, use the Rootkit to hide their malicious files/ software in your system. These may range from spyware to keylogger software, which steal your personal data from the computer. Rootkit virus permits the cyber criminals to record, modify or transfer information stored in your computer.

It is next to impossible to detect the Rootkit, once it has infected your system. They bury themselves deep into the operating system and modify it. Moreover, there are no anti Rootkit applications designed yet! However, by combining the effects of Rootkit removal tool and human efforts, you can DISABLE Rootkit. Keep in mind, the Rootkit virus cannot be removed, once it is injected in your system. Luckily, you can give a shot to disable it! However, there is no guarantee that the Trojan virus infection will be completely disabled.


There is a true saying, “Prevention is always better than cure”.

As per the Statistics, the Rootkit virus is rapidly increasing in the digital world. Unfortunately, the users of 32 bit Windows are most likely to get trapped by Rootkit infection. 64 bit Operating systems are less likely to be affected.

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