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What is a DDoS attack and why should you care?

DDoS attack is an acronym which stands for Distributed Denial of Service attack. It is an attack in which multiple compromised systems attack a single source. If you haven’t witnessed a DDoS attack then you are simply lucky enough because these attacks may result to intense damage.

DDoS attack victim

A DDoS attack typically occurs when a huge amount of bots which are organized in Botnets start attacking the internet services. If your site has been targeted then this attack may shut down your entire site. If the attack is big for a web server to handle then there are only a few options for the site owners other than to wait for the DDoS attack to get over.

Types of DDoS attacks

There are various types of DDoS attacks which range from Teardrops to Smurfs to Pings of Death. There are various types of DDoS attacks which affect different layers of Internet protocol. Below are the four major types of attacks –

  • Volumetric attacks – Such attacks consume the bandwidth of the targeted network or service.
  • Application attacks – This is a type of DDoS attack in which the application layer of the IOS model is targeted by attackers.
  • Fragmentation attacks – Such attacks forward a ton of UDP and TCP fragments to the victims which affect the victim’s ability to reassemble the streams and reduce the performance.
  • TCP connection attacks – Such attacks use up all the available connections to infrastructure devices such as load balancers, application servers and firewalls.

There is one major technique used by the crooks for executing a DDoS attack i.e. amplification. By way of this technique, the attacker turns a small DNS query into a larger payload which is directed to the targeted network.

Risks associated with a DDoS attack

A DDoS attack can affect enterprises from all sectors, all locations and all sizes. It is really difficult to detect and block such attacks because the attack traffic can be easily confused with the legitimate one. Thus the site owners have to wait for the attack to get over to access the website again. These attacks can lead to severe damage which defiantly takes time to recover. All these factors result in lost traffic which in turn results in lost revenue.

Expenses in repairing the Damage

Once a DDoS attack goes away, one has to spend a lot of time to make the system come back to its working state. It also takes time to check if everything is still working properly or if the high load has caused any unforeseen issue. There are cases when it involves a huge cost to recover from the damage.

What can you do for prevention?

There is no doubt that a DDoS attack can be a cause of huge business risk and create a long-lasting effect on any business. This is the reason why it is important for the business executives and IT administrators to understand the threats and risks associated with the DDoS attack and come together to work for the same.

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