Ransomware | 07/24/2019

How to Remove Horon Ransomware from your system?

Horon Ransomware is a malicious program designed with strong financial motive. It encrypts the files & blackmails the user to pay large amount of ransom, usually in bitcoins....

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Horon Ransomware

Ransomware | 07/24/2019

How to Remove Gehad Ransomware from your system?

Gehad Ransomware is another nasty variant of STOP DJVU Ransomware family. It encrypts files & demands a hefty ransom to restore your data. Act smart &...

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Gehad Ransomware

Ransomware | 07/23/2019

How to remove malicious Madek Ransomware from your system?

The destructive Madek ransomware is a newly discovered threat for computer users. It encrypts your files and makes them unusable. Furthermore, it asks for hefty amount of ransom...

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Ransomware | 07/22/2019

How to Remove Budak Ransomware from your system?

Budak Ransomware is the brand-new addition to the infamous STOP DJVU Ransomware Family. Do not let this nasty crypto-virus take over your system & encrypt...

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Budak Ransomware

Ransomware | 07/22/2019

How to remove Godes ransomware from your system?

Godes ransomware has emerged as a newbie threat for computer users. Once, it infiltrates your system, it makes the files unusable and asks for hefty ransom. ...

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News | 07/22/2019

FaceApp: the New App Amidst the Storm of Controversies

FaceApp is a free face editing app that gained immense popularity amongst the users & celebrities last week. However, certain privacy concerns sprang up against the app’s data...

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free face editing app

Ransomware | 07/19/2019

How To Remove Malicious Ims00ry Ransomware?

ims00ry ransomware is a newbie threat for computer users. However, it is decryptable! Once, in your system, it undertakes nasty activities & encrypts your data....

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Android, Mobile, Virus | 07/17/2019

How to Remove Agent Smith Virus from your Android Device?

Agent Smith Virus , a new advertising malware infected 25 Million Android Devices in just a week. It is still active & spreading its infection at an...

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Agent Smith Malware

Android, Mobile, News | 07/16/2019

Agent Smith Virus – 25 Million Android Devices Vulnerable!

Agent Smith Virus, another menacing member of the Malware Family, has infected over 25 Million Android Devices around the globe. Refer to the article to learn how it...

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Agent Smith Virus

Ransomware | 07/16/2019

How to remove malicious Dutan Ransomware from your system?

In order to lure money, Dutan ransomware lock the files and hide the decryption key on remote server. So as to restore their data, users get ready to...

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