Browser Hijacker | 01/08/2020

How to remove Sports Addict Browser Hijacker from your system?

Sports Addict Browser Hijacker is a devious browser extension that modifies default settings of your browser, redirects searches & gathers personal information of the user. Refer...

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Sports Addict Browser Hijacker

Ransomware | 01/07/2020

How to remove BDDY Ransomware from your system?

BDDY Ransomware, the brand-new Matrix File Virus Variant is posing threat to computer user. It encrypts files & makes them inaccessible. Read our comprehensive guide to...

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BDDY Ransomware

News | 01/06/2020

Clop Ransomware Kills Windows Processes Before Encrypting Files

The infamous Clop Ransomware has returned with the capability of terminating all 663 Windows processes before encrypting the files on targeted system. Let us take an...

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Clop Ransomware

Browser Hijacker | 01/03/2020

How to remove eSpeedDownload Search Redirect from your system?

eSpeedDownload Search Redirect is caused by a malicious eSpeedDownload extension. It modifies browser settings, redirects searches, displays intrusive ads & gathers private information of the users....

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Browser Hijacker | 12/30/2019

How to remove Ecosia browser hijacker from your system?

Ecosia browser hijacker is a nasty application that alters default browser settings, tracks your online activities & displays intrusive ads on search results. Read on to know how...

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Ecosia browser hijacker

News | 12/27/2019

Understanding Brute Force Attack | Ways to Prevent it

Brute Force Attack or Exhaustive Search is a hacking technique that uses repetitive usage of several combinations of passwords to break into systems & crack passwords....

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Brute Force Attack

Virus | 12/26/2019

How to remove Zeus Malware from your system?

Zeus Malware or Zeus Banking Trojan infects the system & steals sensitive information of the users. It is also being used by the hackers to initiate...

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Zeus Malware

Browser Hijacker | 12/18/2019

How to remove Yahoo Search Redirect from your system?

Yahoo Search Engine is being used by the developers of certain browser hijackers to redirect traffic to affiliated sites, display dubious ads, sales offers & generate illicit money....

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News | 12/11/2019

Hackers Used Nasty Python RAT, PyXie to deliver Ransomware

The researchers at Blackberry Cylance recently discovered a Python-based Trojan named PyXie . It is being used by cyber-criminals to run a sophisticated hacking campaign & deliver...

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Spyware | 12/05/2019

How to Stop Pegasus Spyware Attack on your device?

Pegasus Spyware attacked 1400 Whatsapp, both Android & iOS users, across 20 countries & gained illicit access to their private data including texts, e-mails, passwords &...

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Pegasus Spyware Attack
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