News | 08/13/2018

New WhatsApp Vulnerability Surfaced: Attackers can now Alter Messages in Chats

A new vulnerability has surfaced in WhatsApp encryption method that allows attackers to intercept in the network and manipulate messages in both group and private conversations. This gives...

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WhatsApp Vulnerability

Ransomware | 08/09/2018

How to Remove .tedcrypt (Jigsaw) Files Virus?

.tedcrypt files virus is a new iteration of Jigsaw ransomware detected by malware researchers. This ransomware is distributed via spam email attachments and malevolent links. Once the system...

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.tedcrypt files virus

News | 08/09/2018

WhatsApp announced Message forwarding restriction to check rumors and fake news

WhatsApp recently announced some new features in the app to stop the proliferation of spam and misinformation. The update aimed to restrict the number of forwards...

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Latest WhatsApp Update

News | 08/07/2018

Skype classic gets a little more life!

Microsoft extends Skype Classic End-Of Life. The announcement made by Microsoft in July to end Skype 7.0 after September 1st 2018 was not taken happily by the users....

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Skype Classic

News | 08/07/2018

Reddit Data Breach! Hackers gain access to user data & email addresses!

Hackers gained a read only access to reddit’s old database containing usernames and salted hashed passwords, including public and private messages on the site from 2005 to May...

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Reddit Data Breach

Trojan | 08/07/2018

How to remove Trojan.Redgamble?

Trojan.Redgamble is a malicious program that seeks backdoor entry to attack targeted system or networks. It relies on unsuspected email attachments for its distribution. The email is...

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Adware | 08/07/2018

Guide to Remove Win Tonic PUP from the Computer System

Win Tonic PUP is a fake ‘system optimizer’ tool that detects fake threats such as malware, invalid registry entries and services in the user’s computer. When the user...

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Win Tonic PUP

News | 08/06/2018

Lets connect an Android with Windows 10 now !

Your Phone App on Windows 10 allows easy transfer of photos from Android phones with 7.0+ versions to Windows 10 PC. It also enables iOS users surfing on...

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Your Phone App

Virus | 08/06/2018

How to get rid of Office365 Phishing Scam?

Office365 Phishing scam aims to steal your Office365 account credentials. The Phishing redirect alters user browser settings to cause browser redirects to fake Office365 login page. This is...

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Office365 scamming redirect

News | 08/06/2018

CCleaner Version 5.45 faces user backlash on its Auto Monitoring Feature!

Users were outraged by the new changes in the auto monitoring feature of the anonymous data of the user, which CCleaner Version 5.45 collected for improving the software...

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CCleaner Version 5.45
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