Browser Hijacker | 08/27/2018

How to Remove Search Pulse Browser Hijacker?

Search Pulse is a malicious Browser extension that invades your system without your knowledge and floods the browsing sessions with in-numerous annoying ads, redirects, pop-ups, etc. This nasty...

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Search Pulse browser Hijacker

Ransomware | 08/27/2018

How to Get Rid Of Hermes RaaS?

Hermes RaaS is a file encryption ransomware that blocks all user important files such as, audios, videos, and docs etc using strict encryption algorithm. The infected files are...

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Hermes RaaS

News | 08/24/2018


Ease of technology provided by the Giant Market servers has prompted the users to rely on their mobiles for even the tiniest of detail. However, users are unaware...

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Privacy Intrusion by Android servers

News | 08/24/2018

TLS Certificates on risk over cloud based servers!

Hackers have been attacking the website since the dawn of the internet. Over the years, with the advance in security measures, the tactics adopted by the threat actors...

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TLS Certificate Private Keys exposed

News | 08/18/2018

Google Plucks Chrome Bug that Exploits Audio or Video HTML Tags

Google Chrome recently plucked a bug that enabled threat actors to embezzle important user information via audio and video HTML tags. This vulnerability is tagged as CVE-2018-6177 and...

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Audio and Video HTML tags

News | 08/17/2018

Hackers target Indian Bank : Steal $13.5 Million across 3 days

Cosmos Bank, India’s second largest cooperative bank headquartered in Pune suffered a breach on its server over the weekend. Cyber criminals hacked the systems of this bank and...

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Hackers Steal $13.5 Million

News | 08/17/2018

External Storage Puts Android Phones At Risk

Google’s Android documentation includes a set of security practices for app developers on the use of External Storage in their apps. Application developers are expected to follow these...

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Security Risks in SD cards

News | 08/17/2018

Two-factor authentication: A Safeguard to Account Login

Two-factor authentication is recognized as an important cyber security measure to protect user accounts. The technique adopted by major services to implement two-factor authentication varies. Weaker implementations like...

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Two-factor authentication

Ransomware | 08/14/2018

How to Get Rid of Dharma Cmb Ransomware?

Researchers discovered a new Dharma ransomware variant that encrypts files with .cmb extension. Dharma Ransomware family including its cmb variant is distributed via Remote Desktop Protocol Services. Once...

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Dharma cmb Ransomware

News | 08/13/2018

Brazilian Banks in a fix: Hackers Exploiting DLink Routers to Redirect Users to Fake Brazilian Banks

Loopholes in DLink Routers are exploited by cyber maniacs to redirect users to fake Brazilian banking websites. Users trying to access either of these two online Brazilian bank...

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