Trojan | 09/01/2018

How to Get Rid of MEM:Trojan.Win32.Adject.gen?

Trojan.Win32.Adject.gen is malignant software that disguises itself as a legit application, but greatly influences the performance of your PC. It modifies & deletes files, corrupts the installed software...

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Ransomware | 09/01/2018

How to Remove CryptoNar Ransomware?

CryptoNar Ransomware is a new variant of CryptoJoker ransomware. It is configured to encrypt system files with strong encryption algorithm. The infected files are appended with .partially.CryptoNar or...

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cryptonar ransomware

News | 08/31/2018

Dark Tequila attacks Mexican Financial Institutions

Dark Tequila is a recently discovered banking malware that is known to have targeted customers of several Mexican banks and financial institutions for 5 years. It is...

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Dark Tequila malware

Adware | 08/30/2018

How to Remove pop-up Adware?

Annoyed of incessant appearance of pop-ups on your computer screen? Is your work getting hampered by abrupt appearance of exasperating pop-ups on your browser screen? This means your...

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Adware, Browser Hijacker | 08/29/2018

How to get rid of Rayjump Browser Redirector?

Rayjump is a Browser Hijacker and Adware that modifies default home page and search engine settings without user’s permission. It invades the system with tons of exasperating advertisements...

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Rayjump Browser Redirector

Adware | 08/29/2018

How to Remove Fruitfly Adware?

MAC users have been under constant espionage by Fruitfly Adware for 13 years. This MAC malware is known to remotely control victim’s computers and surreptitiously spy on user...

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FruitFly Adware

News | 08/28/2018

Abandoned Domains Susceptible to Identity Thefts!

Email services are essential for all businesses. It is not only a primary communication channel but is also required to register with online services and professional web portals....

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Abandoned Domains

Browser Hijacker | 08/28/2018

How to get rid of Search Umaxsrch Browser Hijacker?

Search Umaxsrch is a browser re-director that alters default home page or search engine settings without user’s consent. The modification also includes setting its sponsored site as user’s...

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Search Umaxsrch

Ransomware | 08/28/2018

How to remove Torchwood Ransomware?

Torchwood ransomware in a malicious crypto virus that has been active in the cyber landscape from 2013. This pernicious system infection uses strict AES (Advanced encryption Standard) encryption...

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Torchwood ransomware

Trojan | 08/27/2018

How to get rid of Malicious Turla Trojan?

Turla Trojan evades security software and gains the access to the system disguised as a code within an application program. Once activated, it can cause severe damage to...

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Turla Trojan
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