News | 10/11/2018

Click2Gov data breach: Financial corporate Cybercrime

Superion’s Click2Gov, a web-based interactive self-service bill-pay software has been breached by threat actors to expose the payment information of its customers. The exposed data includes Credit card...

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Click2Gov data breach

News | 10/10/2018

The hay-days of Google+ are over

Google has announced to shut down the consumer version of Google+ after the discovery of a software glitch that exposed 500K user accounts. The low usage and engagement...

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Google+ closure

News | 10/10/2018

Lukas Stefanko – The Man on a Mission!

Lukas Stefanko is an experienced Malware Researcher with strong engineering professional skills in Security Research, Android and Mobile Security. His expertise as a malware researcher has made him...

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Cyber Security

News | 10/10/2018

GhostDNS Malware Compromised over 100,000 Routers in Brazil

GhostDNS Botnet is a newly discovered malware which has hacked over 100,000 residence routers & changed their DNS settings. This widespread malware campaign is heavily weighted towards Brazilian...

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News | 10/09/2018

Kevin Haley – The Unsung Hero For Symantec

Kevin Haley, technical advisor & main spokesperson at Symantec Internet Security, has been recognized by CRN among the top 100 people you should know about. The expertise of...

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Cyber Security

Virus | 10/08/2018

How to Remove Skype.exe Virus from your System?

Skype.exe is a legit file that executes according to the instructions given by the user. This useful & ubiquitous file has been embraced by the hackers to carry...

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Skype Virus

News | 10/08/2018

Instagram Phishing Scam

A recent threat activity is known to have taken over high-profile Instagram users’ accounts and hold them to ransom. Though the count is not known, research reveals that...

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Instagram Phishing Scam

Adware | 10/04/2018

How to Remove Google Chrome Critical ERROR Scam Pop-up?

Google Chrome Critical ERROR is a scamming message that alerts user about the issues on their PC. The motive behind the fake alert is to let victims place...

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Google Chrome Critical ERROR

News | 10/03/2018

Danabot Banking Trojan Targets Banks in the United States

DanaBot is a modular Banking Trojan, programmed in Delphi that attempts to steal online banking credentials of users. It originally targeted Australian and European banks. Following the success...

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Danabot Banking Trojan

Adware | 10/03/2018

Google Play Store Haunted by Banking Malware

QRecorder, a malicious app masquerading as a legitimate voice recorder utility landed a couple of bank customers in Europe in trouble. The malware planted in the pernicious voice...

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Banking Trojan found in Google Play
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