Trojan | 11/24/2018

How to Get Rid of Rotexy Mobile Trojan?

Security researchers recently discovered a new member of Rotexy family that has casted attacks on over 70,000 Android devices in Russia, Germany, Ukraine & nearby countries. The Rotexy...

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Rotexy Mobile Trojan

News | 11/23/2018

Skype’s Split View Mode: Boon for Windows 10 Insiders

The software giant, Skype, has added another captivating feature of Split View mode for Window 10 users. This feature allows the users to open multiple Skype chats windows...

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Split View Mode

News | 11/21/2018

Active XSS injection campaigns attack WP WordPress Plug-in

Vulnerabilities recently discovered in a high profile AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for WP (WordPress) plugin enables any registered user to perform administrative actions on a Wordpress site. Since...

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AMP for WP Plugin

News | 11/19/2018

Mining Attack affects Canadian University Network for 4 days

St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada was compelled to shut down its entire network due to Cryptojacking attack launched on its network for unauthorized mining of...

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Mining Attack

News | 11/16/2018

Russian Cryptojacking Malware Webcobra Exposed by McAfee

McAfee Labs researchers have discovered a new Russian malware known as WebCobra that harnesses victims' computing power to mine for cryptocurrencies. Let us read more to know about...

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Adware | 11/15/2018

Google Services- lost in transit or lost in translation?

Services from Google become temporarily unavailable for around 2 hours as users were misdirected to convoluted path through Network providers from Nigeria, China and Russia. The issue was...

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Traffic Hijacking

News | 11/15/2018

Infowars Store Affected by Magecart Credit Card Stealing Hack

Infowars best known as the fake news platform & an online store to purchase goods and services was recently infected by a nasty MageCart infection. The malware was...

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Magecart credit card skimming attack

News | 11/14/2018

HookAds Malvertising Uses Fallout Exploit Kit to Distribute Malware

A HookAds Malvertising Campaign is reported to have been redirecting the users to Fallout Exploit Kit using local adverts, online games and adult portals. Once the kit is...

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HookAds Malvertising

News | 11/13/2018

New Microsoft Bug unveiled: Windows 10 Pro Licenses Downgraded to Windows 10 Home

Microsoft Bug has caused Windows 10 Pro licenses to be downgraded to Windows 10 Home, citing activation issues. The issue has affected both Pro and Home versions of...

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Microsoft bug

News | 11/12/2018

Chrome 71: The New Safe Browsing Tool against Fake Websites

Millions of people are falling in the vicious trap of potential subscriptions scams. Subscription scams are sites that obscure essential information to fool people into subscribing a service....

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Chrome 71
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