Ransomware | 12/28/2018

How to Remove JungleSec Ransomware?

Junglesec Ransomware, a malicious variant of HiddenTear has been infecting victims through unsecured IPMI cards with sole motive of minting money & swindling innocent users. Following the infection,...

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Junglesec Ransomware

Trojan | 12/27/2018

How to Remove Panda Banker Trojan?

A Zeus Trojan variant known as Panda, or Panda Banker was first observed in 2016 with expanded capabilities. Designed to steal user banking credentials via man-in-the-browser and web...

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Panda Banker Trojan

News | 12/26/2018

BMW Lottery Email Scam is Back – This time it is M240i

Phishing Scams or Email frauds are as old as e-mails. A recent BMW Lottery Email Scam makes you think that you have won a free 2018 BMW 2...

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BMW Lottery Scam

News | 12/26/2018

User Account Timeline Manipulation overlooked by Facebook!

A Polish security alpha geek revealed a malicious Spam Campaign on Facebook that automatically posts link on a user’s timeline. The culprit behind this campaign is a Clickjacking...

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News | 12/21/2018

Threat to Digital Life: Your Digital Identities Could Be Sold for a Mere 50 USD

A recent research by Kaspersky lab revealed that a user’s digital data like banking credentials, credit card details, social media accounts & data from other popular web services...

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digital data

News | 12/20/2018

Microsoft security update released: Internet Explorer RCE Zero-Day vulnerability patched

Microsoft’s legacy browser, Internet Explorer may flinch you at a Gordian knot. The booby-trapped browser is cursed with remote code execution vulnerability that allows threat actors to execute...

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Internet Explorer RCE Zero-Day vulnerability

News | 12/19/2018

Office 365 stung by Email Phishing

According to a recent tech report, cyber criminals are using email phishing scam that impersonate Office 365 Non-Delivery Notification. Scammers lead the users into thinking that the notification...

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Email Phishing

Ransomware | 12/18/2018

Hidden Tear Ransomware – An Open Source Terror for Windows Operating System

Open-source Ransomware is a real issue that is continuously evolving. It’s not hard to guess the reason of popularity of open source ransomware among crooks! It offers the...

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Hidden Tear Ransomware

News | 12/17/2018

Email Scam Exposed: $ 20K Demand in Bitcoins for a Bomb Threat

If you received an email stating that your office will explode if you failed to forward $20,000 in Bitcoin till the office hours, don’t panic. A recent string...

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News | 12/13/2018

Google+ – The Titanic got second Iceberg!

Google reported another Security Data Breach in Google+ API that exposed personal data of over 52.5 million Google+ users. Google revealed that an additional Bug in Google+ is...

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Bug in Google+
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