Trojan | 02/03/2020

How to remove ZUpdater.exe Trojan from your system?

ZUpdater.exe Trojan is a malign process that consumes targeted system’s resources to generate illicit revenue in Bitcoins. It gathers sensitive information of the user & carries...

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ZUpdater.exe Trojan

Trojan | 01/31/2020

Shlayer Malware | The devastating threat to Mac OS

Shlayer Malware is a nasty threat to Mac OS that surfaced to lime-light in February 2018. Since then it has impacted millions of Mac Machines. Refer...

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Shlayer Malware

Ransomware | 01/29/2020

How to remove Mbed Ransomware from your system?

Mbed Ransomware is the latest variant of infamous Djvu Ransomware. It infects the system & encrypts the files to render them unusable. It then demands hefty...

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Mbed Ransomware

Browser Hijacker | 01/27/2020

How to remove MyMapsExpress Redirect from your system?

MyMapsExpress Redirect is a devious application that claims to be useful & provide street views & city maps, gas prices & traffic conditions for free. However,...

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MyMapsExpress Redirect

Ransomware | 01/23/2020

How to remove Paradise Ransomware from your system?

Paradise Ransomware is being sold as a Service since September 2017. It encrypts files & demands ransom amount in Bitcoins. Refer to our guide to learn how to...

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Paradise Ransomware

Browser Hijacker | 01/21/2020

How to remove CalendarSpark Browser Hijacker from your system?

CalendarSpark Browser Hijacker is a nasty browser extension which modifies your browser's default settings, redirects searches and collects user's personal information. For more information on how...

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CalendarSpark browser hijacker

News | 01/21/2020

Juice Jacking – Beware of the New Scam

Juice Jacking is a new type of scam developed by crafty hackers to steal private data from your smartphone. Scammers do it via a seemingly harmless...

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Juice Jacking

News | 01/15/2020

Sodinokibi Ransomware posts stolen data online & threatens to do it more!

Sodinokibi ransomware | Ransomware culprits are resorting to blackmailing tactics like posting stolen data online for unpaid ransom. They do so to extort huge amounts from...

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Sodinokibi Ransomware

Browser Hijacker | 01/10/2020

How to remove TV Hero Extension from your system?

TV Hero Extension is a nasty browser hijacker that claims to improve browsing experience & keep the user updated with latest movies trailers & TV News....

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TV Hero Extension

Browser Hijacker | 01/10/2020

How to remove Muzik Fury Extension from your system?

Muzik Fury Extension is a devious add-on that not only modifies settings, but causes unwanted redirects & monitors online activities. Refer to muzik fury redirect removal...

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Muzik Fury Extension
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