News | 04/23/2019

The Medical Data Breach Leaked Rehab Reports Of 150K Patients

Approximately 150K sufferers who endeavored medicine at rehabilitation center had revealed data breach medical records online that combine PII- personally identifiable information of patients....

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Medical Data Breach

Ransomware | 04/22/2019

Eliminate The Risk Of Gandcrab V5.3 Ransomware Virus Attack

Gandcrab V5.3 is a new threat that has emerged almost a year ago. This ransomware is a big trouble for computer users. Great damages are caused to the...

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Gandcrab-V53 banner

Ransomware | 04/19/2019

How to Remove Cryptomix Ransomware- Malware Removal Guidelines

A newly discovered DLL Cryptomix Ransomware Variant is rendering user’s sensitive data inaccessible by encrypting the files & appending .DLL extension to the file names. Refer...

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News | 04/18/2019

Upcoming Edge Browser To Notify Users Of The Administrator Mode

The upcoming edge browser develops amidst a fine safety specialty that intensifies in ensuring users from unwanted behavior & exploits....

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Upcoming edge browser

Ransomware | 04/16/2019

How To Remove French101 Ransomware- Malware Removal Guidelines

Newly discovered French101 Ransomware is invading systems across the world via spam e-mails & rendering user’s system files inaccessible. Every attempt to access the encrypted files...

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French101 Ransomware

News | 04/15/2019

Nasty List Phishing Scam- The Pervasive Messages On Instagram

The Nasty List Phishing Scam takes on Instagram and confiscates users’ information to hack their accounts further using these accounts to promote this scam. ...

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Nasty list Phishing scam

Adware | 04/13/2019 Pop Up Removal Instructions- Virus Removal Guidelines pop up is an adware reincarnated to hijack the web-browsers, deliver pornographic content & bombard the screen with maddening ads, pop-ups & banners. If your...

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News | 04/11/2019

Scholars Allegedly Hacked Their High School Wi-Fi Security To Skip Exams

Two learners at New Jersey High School wreck their school Wi-Fi interface several times to get rid of exams. It is not the first incidence that the students...

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Wi-Fi interrupter program

Android, Mobile, News | 04/04/2019

Fake Android Antivirus 2019 On Play Store Since 2015

Antivirus industry outwardly is on the good side, several antivirus software products act in a way that it encroach user's privacy. Whether they prevent web traffics, market browser...

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GEFEST Ransomware

Browser Hijacker | 04/04/2019

Search Encrypt Redirect Removal Instructions- Virus Removal Guidelines

Search Encrypt is a browser hijacker that is impacting systems across the world, causing unexpected browser modifications & bombarding screen with exasperating ads & pop-ups. Read...

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Search Encrypt
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