Ransomware | 07/04/2019

Armageddon Ransomware | How To Remove It From Your System

Worried because of the Armageddon ransomware? Don’t worry the removal steps in this guide will relieve you of its drastic damage...

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Browser Hijacker | 07/04/2019

How To Remove The Malicious Alphanovahome.com virus

Alphanovahome.com virus is a masked malware which infects the system with the motive to harm the users. It troubles the victims by changing the default browser settings....

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Ransomware | 07/02/2019

Litar Ransomware – Another Nasty Variant of STOP (DJVU) Ransomware Family

The newly discovered Litar Ransomware is a variant of the infamous STOP (DJVU) Ransomware Family. It encrypts user & system files by appending .litar extension to...

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Litar Ransomware

Ransomware | 07/01/2019

.dalle file virus – A curse for the Computer users

The nasty .dalle file virus is file encryption software. The locked files can be restored only with the help of the unique key. This key is held by...

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Ransomware | 06/28/2019

LooCipher – The dangerous threat!

LooCipher ransomware uses a strong algorithm to corrupt the targeted files. To unlock the files, decryption key is necessary. The private key can only be obtained by paying...

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Ransomware | 06/27/2019

Truke – The Recent Menacing Member of the Ransomware Family

Truke Ransomware is a nasty new member of the Ransomware family & a variant of DJVU Ransomware. It is infecting systems at a massive scale. It...

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Truke Ransomware

Ransomware | 06/26/2019

SystemCrypter | a latest threat to Digital World

SystemCrypter | A recent malware that has encrypted various systems across the globe. Remove the malware by following some simple steps given in the guide...

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SystemCrypter ransomware

Trojan | 06/26/2019

Plurox Virus – A new name in the long list of Malware

Plurox virus is a newly discovered type of malware. The dangerous malware is self-spreading and aims to mine cryptocurrency from the affected system. ...

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Ransomware | 06/25/2019

.neras ransomware – A newbie Threat for Computer Users

This blog will help you to get rid of the newly discovered .neras ransomware. Apart from encrypting the files, it restricts the access to anti – virus in...

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Ransomware | 06/24/2019

Ransomware list welcomes another name | Reveton ransomware

Web lovers! Beware of a recent ransomware, Reveton that is spreading across Europe slowly. Get rid of this unwanted virus with help of the guide below...

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Reveton | A new Trojan attacks the European continent
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