Snapdeal Forgery
News | 09/14/2018

Yet Another example of Snapdeal Forgery!

About: Snapdeal transactions are no longer safe. Criminals are evolving new deceptive tactics to cheat people. For instance, users of this renowned online shopping app are sent short SMS deals promising unmissed benefits. The whooping amount offered ...  Read More  

| News | Yet Another example of Snapdeal Forgery!

Snapdeal Forgery – People’s Expectations Failed


Snapdeal – a well known e commerce platform is in grip of cyber criminals! Famous E commerce platforms were already notorious for not meeting the end requirements of many a customer! The complaint of getting wrong or no items were already high with Snapdeal forgery!

It has now proven as a tough cookie for the lower middle class population who dream big in terms of facilities! The recent example should be treated as an eye opener where an innocent man was deprived of his hard earned money when he ordered mobile earphones from Snapdeal.

This latest case of Forgery happened with Sanjay Barman, 25 years, a local resident of Keerti Nagar, Jaipur Rajasthan, India.

Sanjay placed the order of headphones on Snapdeal on 03rd September 2018!

Sanjay received the first message from MD–SNAPDL about the successful shipment of the Headphones he ordered. The digital process was backed with automated messages from the company with the status information about the product he offered.Whatsapp message

Everything seemed flawless till here! The problem started when the same MD-SNAPDL showed another lucrative message to Sanjay declaring him as a winner of RS 12, 60,000 (Tata Safari). Sanjay was in need of money and immediately fell in the trap of these criminals.WhatsApp Message

He got a call from 07781006138 stating the same. The person Raushan Lal claimed to be an Assistant Manager with Snapdeal. To ensure a perfect trap, He sent a Snapdeal forgery ID card through whatsapp from another number 9318319189.

SnapDeal ID Card

Roshan also sent the PAN CARD COPY and AADHAR CARD COPY to Sanjay to make him completely fall in the trap.

Here are the details:

Pan card number – AOPPL8839MPanCard

Aadhar num – 3870 3808 3941Aadhar card front

Permanent address: 123, village nagaula, post –jawan, Nagaula Jawan, Aligarh, Koil, Uttar Pradesh 202126.Aadhar Card Back

He also gave a bank account number to transfer the funds to in order to release the sum.

Bank account details – BALORAM POLLEY

32167344069 (IFSC- sbin0009358)Whatsapp message

Sanjay was asked to transfer 6,499 rupees as transactional fees. He received another SMS claiming that the fund transfer has been stopped due to taxation purpose. He was asked to pay 2% sum (Rs 25,200) in the same account to ensure proper fund transfer.Whatsapp message

The irony of this entire incident is the messages were grammatically incorrect and framed incorrectly. Sanjay transferred 6,499 and then 25,200 to get the money!

He was again contact for another sum transfer! It was then he realized that he has been cheated of his hard earned money but in vain!

VRGL teamIndia Segment wants to spread this message worldwide for people to realize not to fall in such lucrative traps! Please help us in identifying these criminals!

VRGL Global team is standing tall with their Indian Brothers in fighting against Cyber Fraudulent People!

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