Xiaomi shows Ads in Settings App
News | 09/25/2018

Xiaomi now shows ads within the Phone UI

About: Xiaomi has been known to show ads in apps like Mi Browser, Mi Music, Mi File Manager and other system apps. The lesser popularity of these rarely used apps never turned this in an issue. However, baking ads in the frequently used apps like Settings a...  Read More  

| News | Xiaomi now shows ads within the Phone UI

XIAOMI shows Ads in Settings App

Xiaomi shows Ads in Settings App


Are you acquainted with the following marketing terms?

  • Sell the Sizzle NOT the Steak,
  • Sell the Benefits not the features
  • Or perhaps you have heard it put like this “Sell people what they want, NOT what they need”- Needs define the overall market and wants define the market segments.

Though there could be many ways to quote it, The gist remains the same “People Buy on Emotion and Justify their purchase Using Facts”.

In a competitive market, the ability to promote the products or services to your customers goes a long way. You could be offering the best product or service in the world, but if you don’t promote it properly, you may end up losing money down the line.

Advertising is deemed as an effective way of bringing your products or services into vogue. When the product is announced or shared on top websites or frequently used apps, probability of generating quality traffic increases.

Businesses now days are adopting this marketing strategy to promote their products to seal the deal and get cash flowing.

Website or App developers on the other hand generate revenue by displaying these ads. Hence it is a win- win deal for both the parties.

But just like every rose has its thorn, so does the advertising model.

The primary disadvantage of displaying advertisements in Mobile apps or websites is that it affects user’s retention rate. Incessant ads on small screen of mobiles can irk users.

To support the facts let us take a glance at the new feature of Xiaomi phones like Mi Max 2 and Mi Note LTE. Xiaomi shows Ads in Settings App


Xiaomi an infamous Smartphone brand has hit the headlines of adopting a unique way of minting money from its Smartphone users.Xiaomi shows Ads in Settings App

Xiaomi has been known for serving ad banners on its native applications for quite some time. The success of this approach in earning great deal of profits led the electronics company take this strategy to another level.

The Smartphone manufacturers have now targeted most frequently used apps like Settings. Xiaomi shows Ads in Settings App. Xiaomi’s move to display ads within the UI (User Interface) has caused inconvenience among the users.

Though the company has claimed to place ads strategically to avoid functional conflicts in the app, the user experience is exponentially deteriorating.

Considering customer feedback Xiaomi has made this add displaying feature optional.

  1. Users have the provision to turn OFF the ads.
  2. Also the company is constantly striving to improve their advertising approach. This includes adjusting the placement of ads.

How to turn off ads in XIAOMI Smartphone? 

Navigate to following steps to turn off ads in XIAOMI Smartphone.

  1. Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Ad services and disable the ‘personalized ad recommendations’ option.
  2. For blocking ads in important app like File Manager, go to Settings > About and disable “RecommendationsXiaomi shows Ads in Settings App

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