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News | 09/25/2018

“www” is back to Chrome 69!

About: Google released the latest chrome browser Chrome 69 earlier this month which featured the removal of www and m protocols from the URLs. The announcement brought a wave of anger and reproach to the Search Giant. Considering the feedback and opinion of...  Read More  

| News | “www” is back to Chrome 69!

Google celebrated its tenth anniversary this month which marked the major release of Chrome 69 Version. The New Chrome browser got a facelift; however it left the users stunned by eliminating “www” and “m” protocols from the URL in the Address Bar.


T1 Chrome 69-


This announcement brought about a wave of criticism and anger to the search giant. Furthermore, the URL truncation created confusion among many users as it was harder to identify if the websites were legitimate and it could pave a way for more scams on the web. The idea of snipping Chrome www URLs raised questions on the Google’s intents and kindled fierce reproval from Chrome Users. The annoyed users found out way to return to classic Google Chrome interface by changing the flag settings.


T2 Chrome 69


The counterblast from the users compelled Google to soften its stance. It considered the public opinion & feedback and rolled back this change in Chrome 69, as stated in the Chromium bug tracker issue. Google brought back subdomains “www” and “m” to the address bar of chrome updated version.


The reversal may sound like good news for the disappointed users; however this reversal in Google’s course is for a short term until the release of Chrome 70.


Google seeks to hide “www” portion of the web address with the launch of Chrome 70, however it will continue to display m Subdomain in Chrome omnibox. With this change, Google also plans to organize a “public standardization discussion” on how “www” and “m” protocols will be addressed in URL bar.


T3 Chrome 69-


According to a programmer in the Chromium thread, “The changes are a part of Google’s efforts to make the URLs simple & understandable.”


On the other hand a user commented that simplifying the URLs will not help the users in any way if giant browsers truncate them to remove complexity at the expense of clarity. Search giant can make anything visual or dim the unimportant parts of the URLs that the Chrome users should be aware of, but do not hide anything.


Google has grabbed the headlines since the release of Chrome 69 with its intentions of killing URLs in order to make the internet safer.

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