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The new Apple watchOS | Enhance your health and multitasking!

About: Apple watchOS 6 is believed to increase the human efficiency in terms of health & fitness and multitasking

| News | The new Apple watchOS | Enhance your health and multitasking!

The WWDC 2019, California, US | the Introduction of a new era of Apple watchOS-


“The Beginning of a new era”, the Apple watchOS 6 is indeed a new era for busy people out there. This new watchOS will make you powerful enough to get a control over your health. It also comes equipped with new lively skins (interfaces) and will now link you with the Apple app store.


Watch interface


The words of Jeff Williams were, “Apple Watch has become an indispensable part of our customers’ everyday lives, from helping users stay connected to the people and information they care about, to inspiring them to live a better and more active day.”

The Chief Operating officer further added,” watchOS 6 extends our commitment to helping users better manage their health and fitness with powerful and personal new tools.” He also said that the new watchOS will be available for every generation’s watches this year during Autumn.


How The New Apple Watch update will help you to manage your Health?


Health and fitness


This new Apple watchOS is equipped with a new application, cycle tracking app. The app allows the modern women to monitor their menstrual cycle and stay prepared. It also makes them able enough to know the predicted arrival of their next period. Women can also know the predictions regarding the fertile window to conceive.


Period Prediction


It has a daily log function that will help the women to gain important information on their cycles, flow, current period, ovulation prediction, symptoms and the other aspect kept in mind while monitoring fertility. This feature is provided by the company to iOS 13 users as well.



What is in it for everyone?


The activity app on an iPhone gives you a quick access over activities you do daily to keep yourself fit. The trends tab in this app will now give you a long-term data that will help you to calculate your fitness progression in a better manner. The tab will provide a sneak-peak on the increments or decrements in certain tabs such as burned calories, walking speed, active calories, exercise duration and other tabs. The App also gifts you training session, in case a decrement is observed in your fitness graph as compared to previous year’s data.



Monitor and choose the sounds around you!


If you want a quality-life you must probably focus on maintaining a fine hearing ability that, if not maintained, will decline the quality. The correct position of the Apple watch on the wrist makes the noise app able to help the users. This help is, making them understand the surrounding sound levels at places such as, sport events, live shows and festivals that are efficient enough to impact the hearing ability negatively.


Noise app


According to the world health organization, exposure to decibels beyond 90 of a sound wave for four hours per week might begin impacting your hearing ability. Hence, the noise app is designed in a manner that will provide the exact stats of the sounds around you via a dB meter. It will notify you at the moment these levels go beyond 90 dB.



App Store on your Wrist!


App store


It is the first time that Apple watch will be seen with an app store. The Apple watchOS 6 directly links its users to the Apple’s app store. Isn’t that amazing? App store on the wrist! You can now install third-party apps with help of siri or dictations. It also allows you to access app product pages that are specially designed for the watch screen. Developers will be able to build applications that will work on watches only making it to work independently without an iOS app.



Apple watchOS 6 features!

  • The new lively faces: The watchOS offer a distinct level of personalization and access to the favorite apps, information and contacts. The faces include: Solar dial, Gradient, Modular Compact, California and Numeral faces.
  • An enhanced processing of on-device inputs will be seen on the 4th generation apple watches. This is due to the core that contains Apple’s neural engine. The developer tools include an audio program interface for applications to stream Music, podcasts and radio. It also has an API to give extended runtime to tasks such as physical therapy and meditation which are based on sessions.
  • The availability of voice Memo app.
  • The Audiobooks app is now available on the Apple watch as well. This app will allow you to access the Audiobooks that you have purchased from Apple Books.




  • The Calculator app is included to solve your normal day-day mathematical or statistical queries from your wrist.




  • The search results for your queries by siri will now be displayed in the screen in full resolution.
  • It now allows you to connect to cardio equipment in clubs around the Globe via Apple Gymkit.



Protects your Privacy!


The Apple watches have the features designed in a way that they protect users’ privacy. The sound from the surrounding are never recorded or by the Noise App neither are they sent to Apple’s server. Only the dB levels are sampled and showed to you. All the users’ data is encrypted and accessible for them only. In case, the user has selected the iCloud backup option, the data will stay encrypted within it.


Attractive bands:


Attractive Bands


The new Apple watches are to get new and attractive bands along with a refined Apple watchOS.

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