Medical Data Breach
News | 04/23/2019

The Medical Data Breach Leaked Rehab Reports Of 150K Patients

About: Approximately 150K sufferers who endeavored medicine at rehabilitation center had revealed data breach medical records online that combine PII- personally identifiable information of patients.

| News | The Medical Data Breach Leaked Rehab Reports Of 150K Patients

Medical Records Of Rehab Patients Exposed Publicly

15,000K patients seeking treatment at addiction rehabilitation centers were detected in an unsecured Medical Data Breach online.


Near about 4.91 million records including personally identifiable information-PII of addiction rehab inpatients were exposed by a misconfigured Elasticsearch database candidly making it available for more than two years from mid-2016-2018.


Data Breach


This divulged PII- personally identifiable information of individual patient would be at stake. Additionally, based on data breach medical records it was easy to track medical methods, they underwent the therapy & billing.


These modern healthcare data violations are recognized as a prevalent sort of scam, wherein someone uses another person’s name, birth date, residence, name of the patient’s family members & data to receive the health care.


Identification fraud & medical data breach is exclusively hazardous to rehab addiction patients whose data is disclosed online. The organization requires sufficient steps towards the Cybersecurity, compliance & governance policies.


This has appeared as a widespread dilemma, any organization can efficiently collect client data on cloud-based services but only a few have the proficiency to store them up without any threat.

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