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News | 11/23/2018

Skype’s Split View Mode: Boon for Windows 10 Insiders

About: The software giant, Skype, has added another captivating feature of Split View mode for Window 10 users. This feature allows the users to open multiple Skype chats windows at the same time. The new feature is gaining popularity among the nostalgics o...  Read More  

| News | Skype’s Split View Mode: Boon for Windows 10 Insiders

Microsoft had been working on a Split View Mode for the new app of Skype from past few months & it finally released Skype latest version to the public via Skype Insider Program last month.


On 20th November 2018, Microsoft announced that the privilege of Split View Mode for the Window 10 users who have Skype latest version installed in their systems. With this new option, the users can open multiple Skype chats simultaneously. The updated Skype App for Insiders is gaining immense popularity among the users because of its convenient feature of supporting multiple chats at the same time.

Split View Mode 2

You can follow the steps given below to enable the Split View Mode for latest version of Skype on window 10:

  1. Go to Microsoft Store & click on Apps tab.
  2. Type “Skype” in the search bar and hit enter. A new page will open displaying suggestion of relevant apps.
  3. Click on “Skype” from the options displaying.
  4. Click on “Launch” button displaying on the top right corner of the new page.
  5. Once the latest version is installed you will be asked to login the Skype account again.
  6. Once you are logged in, go to the ellipsis (three dots) menu.
  7. From the options displaying in the ellipsis menu click on “Enable Split View Mode”.

Split View Mode 1


Once the split view mode is enabled, the right panel of Skype for Window 10 users will disappear. You will see a narrow window displaying the list of recent Skype chats. Click on any of the chats displayed in the list will result in a new separate window for that particular chat. Similarly, you can open multiple chat windows from the list of Skype chats.


The split view mode can be disabled anytime from the ellipsis menu by clicking on the option “Disable Split Mode View”.

Split View Mode 3


Undoubtedly, the Split View Mode is something that the nostalgics of Skype Classic App should surely appreciate.



Recent reports depict that the users have been buzzing after the modernization of Skype for insiders as it is an important & pretty useful feature that has boosted their Skype experience.



After months of cumbrous task, Split View Mode is finally made available to Windows 10 users. And the software giant, Skype, is working to make several amendments in the app including an improved settings page.

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