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News | 07/27/2018

Shipping Company COSCO hit by ransomware attack at its American Network

About: COSCO Shipping Network was hit by a ransomware infection and had to temporarily take its networks offline, including email and telephone networks at its American Region. COSCO later said that it was taking contingency steps to address and fix the iss...  Read More  

| News | Shipping Company COSCO hit by ransomware attack at its American Network

COSCO Shipping Company’s communication networks taken Offline

Shipping Company COSCO was hit by a ransomware infection that left its American networks crippled. The company had to take its other networks temporarily offline as a precautionary measure

The company issued an official press release that stated that its local email and telephone networks were unable to work properly at the time due to local American network breakdown.

It was not clear as to what the issue was that led to an operations shutdown at the American network of the COSCO Shipping network. Some maritime news websites contained information that the system breakdown or the operations shutdown was implemented due to a Ransomware infection that had infected some of the systems. The source of this news was from the internal emails of COSCO as seen by some maritime news sites.

COSCO Shipping Network

COSCO Shipping Network is taking Contingency Steps

The press release of 25 July 2018 from COSCO Shipping Network mentioned that all its company vessels are operating normally and their main business operation systems are performing stably. COSCO informed that they have taken steps to address and fix the issue immediately. The business operations of the other regions will recover soon, except for the ones that are facing this network breakdown. The company hoped that they will be at their full operational capabilities very soon. COSCO will inform on the latest progress through various channels.

COSCO has given out a warning to all its employees of other regions to not open any ‘Suspicious Emails’. It has asked it Tech and IT staff to carry out a complete system scan & sweep out the bugs from the systems using anti-virus software.

The Press release of 26th July 2018 from COSCO Shipping Network stated that they have taken steps to isolate the internal networks and carry out a technical inspection within the entire global network in other regions as well. After getting confirmation from their technical experts, the company had resumed operations in all other regions, except the American area, as of 1600 hrs on 25th July 2018 (Beijing time). With this in effect, all the region operations are being conducted normally.

COSCO Shipping network

COSCO asks its Customers for support

COSCO has taken contingency steps to keep the operations functioning as smoothly as possible in the affected region. They have transferred their operations and are conducting many functions through remote access, so as to ensure continuous service to its customers.

COSCO is still trying their best to investigate and come up with a solution to the network problem in America region. They are hopeful that everything will be back online in no time.

COSCO understood that there will be delays in the smooth functioning of their operations in America and requested its customers to be patient with them. All the communication channels have been secured and customers can contact through various channels such as their website, email, EDI and CargoSmart.

The COSCO incident is similar in nature to the one that affected the World’s largest shipping company A.P. Møller-Maersk. A.P. Møller-Maersk suffered a Ransomware attack by the NotPetya Ransomware in June last year. The largest Shipping giant had to reinstall over 45,000 PCs, 4,000 Servers and 2500 applications over a period of 10 days during June-July 2017.

Maersk’s shipments had been trapped at ports which was not the case with COSCO’s shipments. COSCO’s incident is much smaller in scale when compared to Maersk’s NotPetya attack.

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