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News | 04/11/2019

Scholars Allegedly Hacked Their High School Wi-Fi Security To Skip Exams

About: Two learners at New Jersey High School wreck their school Wi-Fi interface several times to get rid of exams. It is not the first incidence that the students have ruptured the schools' network & it won’t be the last either.

| News | Scholars Allegedly Hacked Their High School Wi-Fi Security To Skip Exams

Two Techie High School Scholars Bought Down WiFi Security Nexus 

This could be a High Tech variant of hauling the chaos to get away from midterms- the two scholars used a uniquely composed application to make the High School’s nexus so burdened with traffic that it became tough for the professors to upload the examination online.

According to the sources, two schoolboys of Secaucus High School in New Jersey smashed school’s WiFi security to avoid appearing in the exams following this week.

They aimed out a way to whack in to the Schools WiFi to close it down because their tests were to be conducted online. Their plan worked out as no examinations will be held online until the school has restored/mend the wrecked WiFi Security of the High School.

WiFi Security

The students used a vicious Wi-Fi Interrupter program to crash the Schools WiFi that made all the online school related facilities inaccessible to students as well as teachers. While the School officials examined other scholars linked to the incident, they found that both the students accepted offers from other classmates to knock down the network.

As announced by the school management, the chief purpose behind crashing School’s WiFi Security was to evade appearing for the midterms. This malign act resulted in no good & led to the arrest of the students for intruding School’s WiFi.

Later this week, the school administration validated that the WiFi system was hacked & the accomplishment behind this is not yet understood. The two freshmen hacked the schools’ Wi-Fi interrupter program resulting in other classmates helpless to study their everyday assignments as the school syllabus is internet based.

What were the verdicts of the school management on the incident?

The school reported the Secaucus Police Department about the WiFi interrupter hack; they also worked on recovering the nexus back to be fully operational.

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