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News | 06/22/2018

No distribute scanners don’t share 75% malware files with AV firms!

About: AV firms find it difficult to prepare in advance for the upcoming threats because No-distribute scanners don’t share the scan file results. Around 75% of these files are unknown and can cause a shutdown to systems worldwide.

| News | No distribute scanners don’t share 75% malware files with AV firms!

75% malware which is uploaded on no-distribute scanners is unknown to Anti -Virus firms!

Malware is a program developed with ill intentions to cause harm on a user’s system. To check, if a file is malicious or not, there are several online services that scan the file and inform the user if it has code that can be dangerous to their system. These online services are called no distribute scanners and Multiscanners.

No- distribute scanners are a twin to multiscanners but with a small difference. While multiscanners share the files uploaded on their service with all the AV companies, the no distribute scanners don’t. The no distribute scanners block or modify the code that informs the AV firms about the malware file. As the malware information is not shared by the online scan service, the AV companies aren’t able to formulate a solution in advance.

The Multiscanner service like Virustotal, shares the files uploaded with all the anti-virus companies as this updates the database of the AV companies with the new and upcoming threats. The AV companies are then able to nullify the threat of the particular malware in advance.

The only way to track the malicious file or code is through the ‘scan result link’ generated by the no distribute scanners for the files uploaded on their online page. The no distribute scanners don’t share their APIs or data, which only leaves the file scan result link as the last option to track these threats. Thus, it can be inferred that no distribute scanners are quite popular with the developers of malware. The malware developers use these no distribute scanners to tweak and improve their code so as to avoid detection by most Anti-Virus definitions.

The ‘Scan Result File’ link is sometimes shared by the malware developers to boast or talk about their creations on the forums, private websites or other online services. Gathering the scan result links for malware files and crosschecking them with the popular AV firms, it was found that more than 75% of these new viruses were never shared by the No-distribute scanners with the security firms. Only 25% files were found and the rest 75% files were never once heard of.

The malware developed by the cyber attackers eventually gets flagged as dangerous by the Anti-virus software, but it is often late or only a few hours after it has infected multiple machines. This creates a time gap in the functioning of the AV firms because the viruses are detected at a much later date. It prevents the cyber security companies from providing up to date alerts about the malware definitions which can become a greater threat.

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