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News | 11/13/2018

New Microsoft Bug unveiled: Windows 10 Pro Licenses Downgraded to Windows 10 Home

About: Microsoft Bug has caused Windows 10 Pro licenses to be downgraded to Windows 10 Home, citing activation issues. The issue has affected both Pro and Home versions of Windows 10 that had been upgraded from earlier versions of the operating system, alon...  Read More  

| News | New Microsoft Bug unveiled: Windows 10 Pro Licenses Downgraded to Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 Pro Licenses getting downgraded by New Microsoft Bug


Microsoft’s roll-out of Windows 10 October 2018 update has arguably been the most troublesome release in recent times. The non- exhaustive list of Microsoft bugs in Windows 10 Version 1809 Update ranging from Zip Extraction Overwriting Files without Confirmation to user files being deleted, Intel driver incompatibility, Impaired Audio have irked users worldwide.


Before users could heave a sigh of relief, another critical bug left Microsoft Windows 10 users livid after Microsoft invalidly displayed an activation error message depicting their licenses invalid.

Microsoft Bug


The users recently reported that they encountered one critical bug in Windows that caused activation problems on their machines. They complained that Microsoft downgraded their Windows 10 pro license to Windows 10 Home.


The growing number of reports point to a server side bug with Microsoft’s activation system.  According to the posts on Reddit, the issue affected both Pro and Home versions of Windows 10. Users who upgraded to Windows 10 from earlier versions of the Operating system (Windows 7 or windows 8 Professional Keys) or saw clean Windows 10 installs were impacted.


When users tried to troubleshoot the problem they received either of the following notifications:

  1. Error: You are running Windows 10 Pro, but you have valid digital license for Windows 10 Home.Microsoft Bug
  2. The following error codes: 0X803F8001, 0xC004C003.

The deactivation and downgrade issue seemed to have occurred in several countries including the US, UK, Japan & Korea. As per user reports, the attempt to repurchase the key or reactivation of the license also went in vain.

The Fix to the issue

According to reports Microsoft fixed the problem in few days after the issue was reported.  Users however found a fix to the issue before Microsoft had resolved it.

Following instructions enabled users to troubleshoot the down gradation issue:

  1. Enter “SLUI 04” in the search box.Microsoft Bug
  2. Select SLUI 04, and follow the instructions on the screen to activate Windows.

Note: Phone-based activation troubleshooting may not work for Windows 10 Pro EDU or Windows 10 for Workstations users.

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