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News | 11/26/2018

New Chrome Cleanup Tool loaded with Extension Removing features!

About: Chrome Cleanup Tool, a built-in utility in Google Chrome scans & removes malware that inject ads or perform exasperating activities in Chrome. However, extensions that are force-installed through Windows group policies are not detected ...  Read More  

| News | New Chrome Cleanup Tool loaded with Extension Removing features!

Google to Empower special extension cleaning features to Chrome Cleanup

High level of customization, speed& synchronization across computers are predominant reasons that make Google Chrome web browser indispensable among users. With loads of add-ons and extensions available, along with independent process for each open tab, Chrome’s feature set & appearance can be easily tailored to user’s choice without sacrificing a great deal of its performance.


The extensive browser flexibility offered by Google Chrome browser often lands users to hornets’ nest. Users occasionally end up with unwanted programs or settings that can range from minor annoyances to potentially dangerous malware. The malware programs once injected in the system can pose threat to user privacy and security.

Chrome Cleanup Tool

The die-hard need to automatically detect & remove malware programs from the system to safeguard user information led to the introduction of Chrome Cleanup tool, that periodically scans the system for unwanted software and if detected prompts the user to remove it.

Chrome Cleanup Tool

Chrome Clean Up tool was earlier available as a standalone program. However, the risk of Software bundling associated with the payload of the software program led to the insertion of this tool directly in the browser.

Chrome Cleanup tool became a part of the actual browser in October 2017.


Chrome Cleanup is based on detection technology provided by ESET, an IT security company combined with Google’s sandbox technology designed for Chrome. The tool is not meant to replace your anti-virus program, but merely detects and removes software that violates Google’s unwanted software policy. This policy applies to software:

  1. Deemed deceptive,
  2. Affect user system in unexpected ways,
  3. Piggybacks on the installation of another program and so on.


When the tool detects the programs that can interfere with Chrome, it prompts you to remove the detected infection.

Users can also force scan their system by following these steps:

  1. Type chrome://settings/cleanup in the Chrome’s Address Bar and hit Enter.
  2. Click on Find button next to the field Find and remove harmful software.Chrome Cleanup tool

This will initiate an immediate scan of the system to detect and remove unwanted software from the system.


The problem with Chrome Cleanup Tool is that it does not allow the removal of Chrome extensions that are forced installed through Windows group policies.


Force Installed Extension on Chrome Browser

Force Installed extensions are extensions that are automatically installed by Chrome without user interaction due to configured Windows Group policies. These policies are used to prepare the Chrome Browsers with extensions commonly used within an organization.


These policies can be added by the following ways:

  1. Through policy templates provided by Google
  2. By creating ExtensionInstallForcelist Registry keys.Chrome Cleanup Tool

Malicious developers make use of these policies to force install their pernicious extensions on Chrome without user knowledge. As these extensions are installed by utilizing these methods, chrome does not allow users to remove them these malicious extensions directly through browser extension management.


To remove these extensions users need to modify the registry.

Force Installed Extension Removal feature of Chrome Cleanup tool

Google Chrome is adding another feature in its automated Cleanup tool that will detect and remove force-installed extensions.Chrome Cleanup tool

However, new features may also affect extensions deployed within the enterprise. Hence Google may release an extended index of whitelist extensions. Chrome Cleanup tool will scan and remove extensions that are not on the list to keep your system clean and safe.

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