MageCart Attacks
News | 04/26/2019

MageCart Attacks on The Atlanta Hawks Store Online

About: None other than online store of the famous basketball team – Atlanta Hawks, has become the victim of MageCart Attacks . Malware is stealing the credit card info.

| News | MageCart Attacks on The Atlanta Hawks Store Online

Atlanta Hawks Online Store haunted by Credit Card Stealing Attack

Undoubtedly, the Atlanta Hawks are good at defense on the Basketball Court but failed to withstand the online security malware. Unfortunately, the NBA basketball team became the victim of MageCart Infection. It is an online malware, designed for stealing credit card information.


Attacks on Hawks Online Store


The Magecart Attacks were initially detected by Sanguine Security on April 20th  by MageCarts detection engine that was developed by De Groot. He also captured the additional request made to the remote site at the time of purchase. The remote site imagesengines[.]com was under the control of attackers. It was then reported to the Hawks Online Shop delegate on Tuesday. The malware was designed in such a manner that it sends a script to the attackers which was then used to abduct the information linked with the credit card. The information robbed was- Name on the card, address and credit card number.


The Hawks’ spokesperson defended the reputation of the by saying that the virus is no longer active. However, the reality was revealed by De Groot right at the time when statement was made. He continues to see the malware script on the MageCart detection tool.

Unfortunately, there is no one-stop solution for the protection from these types of MageCart attacks. It is advisable for all the clients, who have shopped recently to report the issue to their respective credit card company and audit the statements for any false activities.


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