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News | 06/13/2019

MacOS 10.15 | Turn your iPad into a second display

About: MacOS 10.15 | a secure OS that gives you the power to turn your iPad into a second display and lets you experience the all new music, books and podcasts apps

| News | MacOS 10.15 | Turn your iPad into a second display

MacOS 10.15 | Turn your iPad into a secondary display


MacOS Main


Like the other WWDCs held in California, the one held on 3rd of June unveiled some of the best till date operating systems for Mac, iPhone, iPads and watches and the finest mac machine that ever existed for the crowd, the Mac Pro. The MacOS Catalina has been equipped with a few new and refined features & apps such as music, podcasts and book apps.



An Insight on MacOS, Catalina 10.15-




It is a refined form of Mac’s operating systems with enhancements not only limited to apps but also extends to the various features of a computer such as Gallery, music, books and many more. It now comes equipped with Voice that allows the users to control their entire Mac over voice. The fresh security system will maintain your privacy better than ever.



The Arrival of the new MacOS, Catalina 10.15-

The Beta version of Catalina 10.15 for developers was launched at the conference on 3rd of June. This launch will be followed by the launch of public Beta version that will be released by the end of June this year. The Official update for the primitive Macs will be released by the autumns of 2019.



The Macs that will be supporting catalina 10.15-

  • Mac mini (2012 and beyond)
  • iMac (2012 and beyond)
  • iMac Pro (from 2017 models)
  • MacBook Air (2012 and beyond)
  • MacBook Pro (2012 and beyond)
  • MacBook (2015 and beyond)
  • Mac Pro (2013 and beyond)



Is MacOS 10.15 all about turning your iPad into a second display?

The best feature in this new version of macOS contains Sidecar as its best feature:


Sidecar (turn your iPad into a secondary display)-


iPad as a secondary screen


The owner of an iPad and a Mac are the only ones to get benefit from this Sidecar app. Apple is going to introduce this feature in the recent updates in its operating systems. The new update in the MacOS will allow you to float over the green maximize button in the MacOS window bar which will let you access the options such as full screen mode, tiling options and the strength required to send a window to an external display.


Draw with iPad


A combination of Sidecar app and Apple pencil will make you able enough to draw on your iPad screen and make it appear on the Mac screen.



Apart from turning the iPad into a secondary display it will also have-

  • New Applications (Music, TV and podcasts)- The MacOS 10.15 will have refined and redefined Music and entertainment apps. It will also be responsible for keeping a major redesign of the Apple Books app. These apps have been designed n away that it has become easier to port any iOS app to your Mac without making too many changes or medications in the code.




Synching with an iOS device is simple like earlier for every iPod or iOS device. Whenever you will connect your Mac with any device, the device’s icon will appear on the sidebar making it easier for you to update, backup or restore your device.

It is evident that iTunes is not being removed but is being replaced by these apps.

  • Approvals on Mac using your Apple watch- This is one of the newest security feature that is being introduced with the MacOS 10.15. With this one can easily approve security measures for hi/her Mac using the side buttons on their Apple Watches.

Apps are going to need permissions to access any sort of document as the T2 security chip present in every Mac comes equipped with an activation lock.

  • Find My- An app that comprises two former apps, Find My Friends and Find My iPhone. This will bring Apple’s every tracking tool under one roof. So, this implies that you can locate the missing device as well as the loved ones you miss who use Apple. The new Find My app is capable of spotting the devices that are offline via secure Bluetooth end-to-end encrypted channel.


Find My


  • Screen Time- It is currently an iOS feature that allows the user to know the exact time that they’ve spent on their screens i.e. using their device. This app is surely to appear in the Macs with the new MacOS. This app was created for you to monitor your digital health. It can be synched with the cloud as well, so that user can view their previous data from iPhones as well.


screen time


  • Voice Control- This voice control feature facilitates you with a control over the entire Mac with siri’s voice recognition system. This can be used to dictate huge operations to the machine. It will be compatible with iPadOS and iOS as well.
  • Shortcuts for voice assistance, siri- It is believed that apple will be bringing the siri shortcuts with the MacOS. These shortcuts will offer you with unique voice command shortcuts that can be used while instructing Siri. It is almost certain that these shortcuts will work with Marzipan apps only. It will also work with the apps that Apple is bringing over to Mac from iOS.
  • Photos browser has been redesigned to exhibit your perfect candid shots.




  • Safari gets an updated home page. This page will use siri’s suggestions and will choose the sites visited more often along with bookmarks, reading lists, links sent as text messages and iCloud tabs.




  • Mails will now be advanced, users can block emails from a specified sender, unsubscribe from commercial automated mailing systems and can mute a disturbing thread, messages of which are tangled in your inbox.
  • ‘Notes’ is also to get a redefine look. A brand new view with search and collaboration options that will simplify your day-to-day interactions with the interface of the device.
  • Redesigned reminders, designed to remind you of the important dates and events. It comes with an all new interface that will help you to create, track and organize the reminders.

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