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News | 10/10/2018

Lukas Stefanko – The Man on a Mission!

About: Lukas Stefanko is an experienced Malware Researcher with strong engineering professional skills in Security Research, Android and Mobile Security. His expertise as a malware researcher has made him one of the ace contributors of the cyber secu...  Read More  

| News | Lukas Stefanko – The Man on a Mission!

Lukas Stefanko – Malware Analyst at ESET


The world of Cyber security is familiar with the name, Lukas Stefanko, the renowned cyber researcher responsible to enlighten general mass with his critical researches.Lukas Stefanko

Lukas Stefanko works at ESET- a famous brand in IT security universe. With his 7 years of services for the organization, Lukas has proven his worth many times with his curiosity to expose threat programs & false apps.

Regarded as one of the front end contributors in IT security, Lukas started his career as Malware Analyst for Windows Platform.

Stefanko was able to sense the growing popularity of android at an early stage and knew the future of cyber security shift towards it. The challenges and lack of then expertise to deal with such issues excited him and motivated to take the challenging role of Android Malware Analyst. With his stipulations proven true, and as the world shifted the focus to in hand technology, the cyber criminals began targeting android.

The added advantage of being an open source platform proved a major mistake for android. Cyber criminals started manipulating basic modules and functionalities with easy infiltration. These functionalities included making calls, sending false text messages, using camera to click pictures and record videos, corrupting the OS etc.

Stefanko realized the emerging threats and decided to spread awareness on exponentially increasing malware attacks on Android. He successfully exposed a number of fake android apps and published his researches on social media.

Many Technical platforms used his researches to further spread the message across technology enabled communities world-wide.

VRGL is proud to publish his researches from time to time helping him in the fight against cyber crimes.

  1. Google Play Store Haunted by Banking Malware
  2. Free Ethereum Spinner – A Honey Trap

Team VRGL Salutes the hard-work of Lukas and wishes him the best for future!

Join us in our efforts against cyber threats to ensure a safer world!

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