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News | 10/09/2018

Kevin Haley – The Unsung Hero For Symantec

About: Kevin Haley, technical advisor & main spokesperson at Symantec Internet Security, has been recognized by CRN among the top 100 people you should know about. The expertise of Kevin Haley lies in ensuring the security content from assembled from Global...  Read More  

| News | Kevin Haley – The Unsung Hero For Symantec

Kevin Haley has been associated with Symantec from last ten years now and handles the Product Management for Cyber Security & Response as a Director!


Kevin has strengthened Symantec’s operations and has contributed a lot in the success of channel business strategies.


Security & Response project at Symantec is specifically responsible to keep Symantec geared up with the cyber threat definitions updated almost real time! This could be only possible with timely integration of the logical cure for the entire discovered and reported cyber security threats world-wide! It seems a cumbersome task to organize! That is where the experience & expertise of Kevin Haley comes in Play!

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Kevin leads the Symantec’s Global intelligence Network that gathers all these reported cyber security threats via different mediums. With the Intelligence applied by the think tank at Symantec under Kevin’s Supervision, This Global Intelligence Network all these samples are then verified and churned to obtain the threat details. Various analytical factors like GEO, Operating System and hardware configuration plays a vital role in deciding the future of this obtained intelligence.


Once gathered, This Vital intelligence is then distributed to various Symantec product range in form of critical updates to ensure real time protection against emerging cyber security threats.


Kevin’s presence has helped Symantec smoothen the process flow and achieving the updated definitions at the client end without any delay.


As a Cyber expert, Kevin has represented Symantec and self on countless renowned media platforms. His insights have always proven helpful in designing critical strategies.


Team VRGL acknowledges Kevin’s Contribution to the Cyber World.

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