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Half of the inhabitants in Norway exposed to Healthcare Data Breach

About: In the latest data breach incident, Norway's healthcare has been been targeted by the cyber criminals. Systems of Health South-East Regional Health Authority (RHF) had been hacked to steal the healthcare data of millions of people from Norway.

| News | Half of the inhabitants in Norway exposed to Healthcare Data Breach

In a recent healthcare data breach, cybercriminals have stolen enormous quantum of Norway’s health data, affecting around half of the population in the country.

The hacker or group of hackers involved in the breach remain unidentified and managed to sneak into the systems of Health South-East Regional Health Authority (RHF). The reports suggest that personal information and medical reports from records of almost 2.9 million Norwegians out of the total population of 5.2 million in Norway were stolen in the breach.

The Health South-East Regional Health Authority (RHF) is a healthcare organization in Norway that manages the hospitals in the Southeast region of the country. The healthcare organization announced the same on Monday after being notified by HelseCERT which is a CERT (Critical Emergency Response Team) for healthcare sector in Norway.

In a statement, Catherine Lofthus, CEO of Health South-East Regional Health Authority (RHF) said “There is close dialogue with the hospitals about this and there is so far no evidence that burglary has had consequences for patient treatment, patient safety or that patient data has been overlooked, but it is too early to conclude.”

HelseCERT has informed that the people behind the breach are “advanced players”, who seemed to posses the necessary skills as well as the tools to perform the said attack.

But why do the attackers seek your health data?

This is not the first time when healthcare data breach has taken place and this attack is certainly not the last one. For the hackers, healthcare data is the cash cow and is far more valuable than the credit card information. The healthcare information remains fresh for longer periods of time in comparison to financial information, which keeps on getting updated and has limited lifespan.

The life of healthcare data is comparatively quite longer and attackers can use the said information to gain different benefits. They can file made-up claims with your insurers and can obtain money in your name. The data can even be used to create fake IDs in order to buy drugs or medical equipments that can further be resold.

So, the need of the hour is to stay vigilant by keeping an eye on any unauthorized activities or transfers on your financial accounts and stay watchful always.

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