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News | 12/13/2018

Google+ – The Titanic got second Iceberg!

About: Google reported another Security Data Breach in Google+ API that exposed personal data of over 52.5 million Google+ users. Google revealed that an additional Bug in Google+ is a part of software amendments that were introduced to Google+ in November ...  Read More  

| News | Google+ – The Titanic got second Iceberg!

Google’s semi-obsolete Social Network platform, Google+, is in the negative spotlight again as it has exposed personal information of around 52.5 million Google+ users second time this year!


Google+ has suffered this ruinous Data Breach for a record second time in consecutive three months. The Tech Giant, Google said in a blog post on Monday that software amendments introduced to Google+ in November 2018 had a bug enclosed in Google+ People API. The Large spread of this Bug in Google+ took place in form of an update released by Google making them the evil eye.

Insight in to First Pernicious Data Breach of Google+

This Internet-based Social Network was launched by Google in June 2011 in order to serve as a social spine for different services of Google like Adwords and YouTube. Google integrated distinct unique features to Google+ in order to make it stand out of the crowd of popular social networking services.


Alas, the fame of Google+ & Google’s efforts to hike up Google+ went down the drain after an API bug was discovered in a code review of Google+ API in October 2018.


Following the incidence, Google dramatically announced its decision to fully shut down Google+ by August 2019. The announcement was made after Wall Street Journal exposed the Bug in Google+ that spilled the beans on the personal data of over 500,000 Google+ users for about 3 years. The bug that was found in Google+ People API was precisely built to permit the access to user’s profile data without user’s consent.


The exposure lasted for six days in October that made 500K Google+ profiles accessible to app developers seeking permission to view data that user had set up to keep private. The private information of users that was leaked includes account holder’s name, e-mail address, occupation, gender & age.


There were no positives that the leaked information was exploited, however, the fear of regulatory investigation made Google put a patch on Bug in Google+ without any delay.


The Second Catastrophic Data Breach

On 10th December 2018, Google gave out that an auxiliary Bug in Google+is a part of November 7 software update & led to the exposure of personal information of around 52.5 million Google+ users.


As per sources, the information initially set with private attributes by the user were targeted and were exposed as public information. The parameters affected were sensitive information like name, age, email address and occupational details. Though Google claims that hyper sensitive information like social security number and password remained unaltered by this bug, a demand for investigation has channelized them to be on their toes. Google has taken the full responsibility and have taken it as a learning lesson pointing out to the everyday changing technology and the challenges presented thus. AS a part of their customer connect program, they have started notifying the targeted users about the mishap.


Google adds that no positives have been found that exposed information was misused or Google+ being compromised by third party.


However, tech giant is now advancing the termination of Google+ to April 2019 rather than August 2019, as announced in October 2018.


The D Day for Google plus has been preponed by 4 months with this incident proving to be the last nail in the coffin of Google+.

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