Fake Yandex Voice Assistant App
News | 09/05/2018

Google Play Store’s Security Guidelines Violated- Fake Yandex Voice Assistant App Found

About: Manipulative developers targeted Yandex's voice assistant, Alisa to swindle users. Threat actors developed a fake version of this popular app to distribute malware. Downloading this fake app from Google play Store led to the installation of a ...  Read More  

| News | Google Play Store’s Security Guidelines Violated- Fake Yandex Voice Assistant App Found

Fake Yandex Voice Assistant App Found In Google Play 


Google Play store is a digital distribution service platform that is the official app store for Android Operating Systems. Developed and launched by Google on March 11th 2015, Google Play store provides an amazing and safe download platform enabling users to browse and download applications.Google Play Store

The services offered by Google play store have turned the cumbersome task of downloading apps in Android devices a child’s play. The availability of in-numerous useful categories of apps of user interest like music, magazines, e-books, television programs, games and movies on Google Play store has helped  extricating user’s downloading experience.

Moreover, the stringent developer policies of this online application retailer has empowered and maintained user confidence since its introduction. Let us take a look at few of Google play’s policies and guidelines. The policy prohibits the display of apps that:

  1. Contain offensive or harmful contents or materials
  2. Behave in unexpected ways
  3. Handle user data inappropriately.

The popularity of Google Play store has made it a lucrative target for Cyber Manipulators.  A multitude of attacks have been reported lately on Google play Store that breached its security guidelines and invasively collected personal Information of  unsuspecting users.

Fake Yandex Voice Assistant AppFake Yandex Voice Assistant App

A new study revealed that over 127 fraudulent apps masquerading as legitimate app from 44 developers in Google Play were improperly collecting user sensitive information. Yandex’s voice assistant, Alisa is one such popular app that Cyber maniacs leveraged to develop the fake version of. It was done to mask the devious intentions to swindle the users. Yandex is a multinational corporation that specializes in Internet- related products and services including:

  • E-Commerce
  • Navigation
  • Mobile Applications
  • Search and Information Services
  • Transportation, and
  • Online Advertising

The growing popularity of this amazing app suite caught the eyes of cyber maniacs who developed a fake version of the app to attract victims. The devious app was implanted with a malicious script. Downloading of this dubious app paved way to the installation of Trojan in victim’s device that lurks premium services in the background.


Fake Yandex Voice Assistant App : Threat Behavior of the Trojan

Fake versions of popular apps like Viber, Ali Express online store as well as Yandex were injected with a pernicious code of a Trojan Android.Click.248.origin.Fake Yandex Voice Assistant App

Once infiltrated in victim’s device, this Android.Click.248.origin Trojan executed a malicious code to open a phishing site that offered user tempting rewards to lure them. However, to claim the reward users were asked to enter their phone numbers in order to receive a confirmation code.

However this was a sheer trick adopted by cyber criminals to swindle users, as the code didn’t confirm user’s eligibility for the reward. Instead it was used for completing subscription to a premium service that activated the moment user connected to the internet.

Moreover, malware of Android.Click family are scripted to run pernicious commands from C&C(Command and Control) server to inject other suspicious resources in the victim’s device and hence make it susceptible to other threats.

Thought the fraudulent apps were removed as soon as they were detected, statistics reveal that the total number of downloads amounted to 10,000.

Google does not encourage apps that violate its security guidelines and work on their instantaneous removal. Users are also recommended to report suspicious app that violate safety regulations and pose a threat to user security and privacy.

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