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News | 08/01/2018

Google Mocks Windows and macOS Operating Systems in the recently launched Chromebook Ad

About: Google's ChromeBook ad took a massive hit at its rivals: Apple and Microsoft. The 60 second ad mocks the various errors encountered by users of Mac and Windows 10 laptops. Not only does the commercial focuses on the negatives of the rivals but also p...  Read More  

| News | Google Mocks Windows and macOS Operating Systems in the recently launched Chromebook Ad

Google launched Chromebook Ad that Mocks Windows and macOS Operating Systems

In order to be recognized in the growing Competition for laptops, Google took a massive hit on its rivals: Microsoft and Apple. The renowned Tech giant launched a mocking and hilarious Chromebook Ad that highlights various issues encountered by users of Windows and macOS Operating Systems. The issues of Windows and macOS Operating Systems depicted in this 60 seconds commercial include:

Chromebook Ad

  • various system errors,
  • storage issues,
  • Update reminders that annoys users,
  • unexpected system shut down problems,
  • up gradation issues,
  • insecure data control,
  • lack of proper system security,
  • need for application reinstallation,
  • abrupt appearance of blue screen demanding system RestartChromebook Ad

While some of these issues may be genuine, the commercial however exaggerates these problems to lure users to buy the lightweight, low-cost convertibles Chromebooks that is already popular among school going kids. Yet Google aims to expand its territory and tempt people who still see their laptop buying options limited to Apple and Microsoft.

Also, we cannot ignore the fact that Chrome Browser is not all perfect and has its problems as well. For instance the error displayed when trying to boot the Chromebook is a common error that its users face.

In the commercial Google not only focuses on the negatives of the rivals but also promotes its latest product by giving users plenty of examples to convince users that ChromeBooks are a better choice. These include:

  • Virus Protection
  • Automatic updates
  • All Day Battery
  • Less Charging
  • More Battery Life
  • Quick Starts
  • Faster Loading
  • Less Lag
  • Fast boot and Performance
  • Provision to download Android Apps on Chromebooks and much more

However, almost all the features that the tech giant promotes are also available on Mac and Windows 10 PC. In addition the competitors like Apple or Acer have better speed and storage that Chromebook advertisement refrained from competing. Also there is no mention of clock speed, storage type, or even touch screen feature that the counterparts offer.

Apple and Microsoft have recently launched cheaper iPads and Surface laptops to compete against Chromebooks.

On an all we can say that no operating system is perfect. It is therefore inappropriate to mock counterparts to promote your product.

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