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Google Chrome’s ad blocker to start blocking ads from February 15th, 2018

About: Google has announced the launch of an ad blocker recently which will block the ads that do not follow the guidelines as laid by the Google. Overtly intruding ads and those which will violate the standards will only be blocked as per Google.

| News | Google Chrome’s ad blocker to start blocking ads from February 15th, 2018

In June 2017, Google announced that it is building and will be adding an ad blocker soon in Google Chrome. So, finally the ad blocker will go live on February 15th, 2018 in order to block “bad ads”. The ads on the websites that do not comply or fail to comply with the Better Ad Standards which are laid out by the Coalition for Better Ads will be blocked. The ads will be blocked both on the desktop and mobile versions of the browser.

The ad blocker will not block all the ads but only the ads which will be overtly intruding and violating the said standards. Even the ads those are served by the ad network of Google itself will be blocked if they are found intrusive or will violate the standards set by the Coalition for Better Ads. The non-compliant ads may include categories like Pop-up ads, Auto playing video ads with sound, Prestitial ads with a countdown (e.g. ads which when displayed make you wait for few seconds in order to continue with the content on that particular page), large sticky ads etc. For the mobile environment, certain ads have been considered to violate the standards like ads that cover or take thirty percent (or significant part) of the mobile’s screen, flashing animated ads and postitial ads with countdowns etc. So, even if a single ad on the particular page violates the standards, then all the ads on the said page will be blocked even if they are compliant and non- intrusive.

But the question which arises is that why Google is bringing this ad blocker even if ads are a great source of revenue for Google? Well, the use of ad blockers is sky rocketing nowadays. The reason is simple! People are annoyed with the unwanted and intrusive advertising and there are various third-party ad blockers which block all the ads and help people focus on their tasks rather than dealing with these bombarding ads. So, this is a welcoming step on the part of Google to block bad ads on the internet also helping it save its source of revenue.

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