FIFA 2018 Cyber Attack
News | 06/18/2018

Football Fans at risk of FIFA 2018 Cyber attack

About: FIFA World Cup 2018 has lured cyber criminals to carry out phishing campaign to deceive visiting fans. The crooks take advantage of the curiosity of the excited fans to carry out malpractices. Let us read more to find out the tactics evolved by the c...  Read More  

| News | Football Fans at risk of FIFA 2018 Cyber attack

With all eyes on the infamous international sporting event, FIFA World Cup 2018 this summer, host nation Russia has taken deliberate security steps to ensure a safe haven to all the visitors. Surrounding the grounds of England with heavily armed guards, is one such example of unprecedented security to prevent football hooliganism.

Despite of all security measures undertaken, safety concerns are still lurking in the background of this tournament. The football fans and players hence have good reasons to be wary.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup has opened a front door to multifarious Cyber crime activities. The money stolen in the last World Cup amounted to $ 3 trillion, and is expected to double this year if precautions are neglected and travelling fans and players are ignorant of cyber-attacks.

Here are a few reasons that could lead to the fans and footballers fall in the vicious trap of FIFA 2018 Cyber Attack

1. Public Wi-Fi/ Hotspots:

Many fans solely rely on free Wi-Fi hotspots at public places to avoid purchasing expensive data roaming packages. While it can be tempting, however it is important to realize that public Wi-Fi lack security controls. This makes it easier for hackers to intercept logins and passwords, email messages, and other personal confidential information while user browse on internet.

Setting up public hotspots from phones or other devices can lead to more invasive access to user sensitive information without using existing Wi-Fi hubs.

2. Streaming Websites: 

Fake apps promising best coverage pose a great threat to user personal information entrapping them in the vicious FIFA 2018 Cyber Attack. The excited fans out of curiosity to learn the latest score or watch the latest actions visit the streaming sites without undertaking precautions and neglect safe computing habits which is a good reason to be wary. Events of significant public interest and media coverage are often used as a bait to encourage phishing campaigns. Fake websites and domains are created to deliver malware and carry out the malicious act of swindling the fans.

3. Online Retailers offering discounted tickets:

Increase in public awareness has dismayed Ticket touts and fake sellers. However fake online retail is still prevalent to befool the fans into stealing their banking details. Illicit sites are often confused with official sites. This increases the risk of duping the visiting fans into providing personal and financial information in exchange for tickets.

4. Phishing Attacks:

Cyber criminals devise a number of deceiving tactics to entrap the fans. Announcing lucky winners of lottery tickets is one such example. While it is highly tempting to click on link that says ”You have won tickets for Football matches”, however clicking on such links may direct you to a compromised website  and lead to the installation of malware in your system.

Safety Measures to avoid FIFA 2018 Cyber Attack:

  1. It is therefore important to avoid using public Wi-Fi wherever possible.
  2. Ensure that you buy tickets from legitimate sources and stay away from fake touts.
  3. Using official apps and being careful when clicking on links ensures safety from majority of cyber threats.
  4. Keeping the device passwords locked is one more way to avoid tampering.

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