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Fake Android Antivirus 2019 On Play Store Since 2015

About: Antivirus industry outwardly is on the good side, several antivirus software products act in a way that it encroach user's privacy. Whether they prevent web traffics, market browser history data, or permit tail entry entrance to government agencies. ...  Read More  

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Most Of Android Antivirus Applications Are Rated As Worthless

Modern gravity investigation against Anti-virus Android 2019 software in Play Store & by Malware Analyst, Lukas Stefanko at ESET exposed the Baboon Antivirus and Android developer that has been active since 2015.

These influential Apps stay listed in the section of Antivirus for Android- Certain apps last more popular below their divisions with more than 500 thousand installs.

Classification & Specialties

Pretended Antivirus for Android Mobile Security claims:


fake android app


Shields Android mobile phone or tablet toward viruses, malware, and spyware they also constitute a limitation from coexisting standards of peril from Viruses & Trojans.


1. Protection module & characteristics:

  • Security & Antivirus
  • Speed booster
  • Installing & Uninstalling apps
  • Play store & Browser
  • Settings
  • Hide private chats (App Lock)
  • Set System proneness & scan apps, file systems and websites to ensure the device’s safety & privacy.
  • App Lock & Crypt:
  • Serves you to guard your data against snooping eyes & protects your children from getting outcast apps.
  • It fastens the device to safeguard your privacy.
  • App & system scanner:
  • Scan the installed & Pre-installed apps to direct your phone away from virus, Trojan, adware, spyware, and malware.
  • SD card scanner:
  • Junk cleaner (Cache Cleaner)


2. On install scan:

  • Limit impairment to your device with real-time scanning.
  • Programmed Scanning:
  • Regular scanning provides yielding security
  • Real-time protection
  • Scan installed apps and APK files & monitor’s each installation process.


3. Wi-Fi scanner:

  • Scan Wi-Fi networks to evade menaces.
  • App manager:
  • Contrives APK files & move it to SD card.
  • Privacy:
  • Maintain your text messages, calls, contacts & apps.
  • Renders shrewdness about installed apps & helps you know your apps obtain benefits & liberty.

4. Finance protector: 

  • This app uses the device administrator permission though, Anti-virus software is not resistant to privacy dilemmas.

Selling your data to third-party advertisers:

Anti-virus keeps focusing on the details of the searches you open. And also ensures you are not inadvertently performing wicked software. It observes your web traffic to terminate your entrance to unreliable websites that sway to take your Login Credentials. It instinctively identifies dubious files on your system and uploads them to their database for additional investigation.


Beware this implies a lot that Antivirus software could receive & plan a calamitous to your secret data if it required.


Decode encrypted websites traffic

Utmost recent antivirus software outputs including an unusual sort of browser protection that restricts you from obtaining phishing & malware entertaining sites.  The point is that sufficient data is conveyed via HTTPS, by redirecting your data by proxy, your antivirus software is decrypting data you transmit on encrypted links.


Dodge antivirus software that utilizes HTTPS interference & scanning or impairs this feature in your system.


Installing unpopular program on your computer

Even if you’re antivirus doesn’t perform an initial warning to your solitude. Various free antivirus comes up with PUPs such as browser toolbars, adware, and plug-in that you may recklessly permit and being installed while instantly ticking through the installation process.


PUPs aren’t intrinsically wicked, but it can grievously invade on your privacy. PUPs will follow your search history & browser act and trade the data to third companies.


Others may jeopardize system safety & influence system performance limiting potency.


Always review precisely the base options during the arrangement process & barely install the software and characteristics you require.


Finally, be sensible in picking the antivirus software intelligently.


Antivirus industry uses your data responsibly to improve their commodities and present you with the genuine malware protection possible.


The critical part they peddle your valuable data to third-party promoters, installing irritating software & collaborate with government firms to spot on your personal information.


  • So eternally sort the best from the rest.
  • Fund for the Antivirus Software
  • Know the end user license agreement
  • Understand installation options
  • Customize privacy settings
  • Study AV Reports.


Antivirus software is an indispensable part of the current IT security and performs a crucial position in preserving your data toward malware, phishing & plenty of other digital assaults that posture real intimidation to common users.


Weigh up Antivirus wisely when it comes to respecting your privacy.


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Istanbul, Turkey


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