Dell Cyber Attack
News | 12/04/2018

Dell Systems under Radar of Information Stealers

About: Dell, an American multinational computer technology company revealed on 28th November 2018 that it detected unauthorized activity on its network earlier this month that attempted to extract customer information from company’s customer database. Let...  Read More  

| News | Dell Systems under Radar of Information Stealers

Technological advancements have made the world a great and convenient place to live in.  There is no denying the fact of how the evolution of technology has made our lives easier. Today’s world is to a great extent shaped by innovations made possible by computer science. The incredible speed, accuracy & storage offered by computers have human life faster and efficient. The present global age is the consequence of the computer age.

Dell Cyber Attack

However, too much reliability on computers is the major downside of this empowering invention. The world today is experiencing a global change in the way people live and their lifestyles. Dependence on computers for everything has led to a drastic decline in the ability of a person to think, make decisions, their reasoning abilities & memory.


Over the past decade, the web has been embraced by millions of businesses as an inexpensive channel to communicate and exchange information with prospects and transactions with customers. No wonder web applications have become such a ubiquitous phenomenon.


However, due to their highly technical and complex nature, web applications are a widely unknown and a grossly misunderstood fixture in our everyday cyber-life. Threat actors transform computers into zombies by scripting malicious programs that exploit the vulnerabilities in computer’s operating system, browsers or any websites.


One such recently discovered instance of this menace is Dell Cyber Attack. Dell’s company website was recently targeted in a hack that attempted to embezzle customer data.

Insights of Data Breach on Dell System

Earlier last month, cyber maniacs attempted to breach Dell’s network and obtain customer information. The compromised sites include, Premier, Global Portal, Dell Cyber Attack

The Cyber Attack was launched to retrieve limited customer information. This includes:


  1. Customer Names
  2. Email addresses
  3. Hashed passwords

No other details such as credit card information are known to have impacted.


As soon as Dell Cyber Attack was detected, the tech giant deployed countermeasures, contacted authorities, recruited a digital forensics firm and reset all customer passwords of users. Password reset will occur the next time they log on to


Even though there are no convulsive evidences of customer account information being extracted, Dell has recommended its customers to reset the passwords of all other services that use the same password.


Users are also expected to be vigilant and monitor the transactions made by their credit cards or debit cards in case the financial information was indeed compromised by the threat actors.

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