Google bans Cryptocurrency mining apps
News | 07/31/2018

Crypt-o-currency Mining Apps banned by Google from the Play Store

About: Google has restricted all the apps on the Play store that mine cryptocurrency on devices. It however allows the mining operations that are controlled on remote devices - such as cloud based mining servers. The move is crucial to prevent crypto curre...  Read More  

| News | Crypt-o-currency Mining Apps banned by Google from the Play Store

Google bans Cryptocurrency mining apps

Google has recently updated the Play Store Developer Policy page to prohibit several categories of apps including the ones that mine cryptocurrency on user’s device. Google states that “We don’t allow apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices”.

Google bans Cryptocurrency mining apps

According to newly added policy Google will however continue to “permit apps that remotely manage the mining of cryptocurrency”.  This implies that the crypt-o-currency mining operations that utilize device’s CPU (Central Processing Unit) or GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) will be removed from the official play store.

Hence, only those mining apps will be permitted on Google’s official Play Store that control the mining operations on remote devices – such as cloud based mining servers or desktop .

Google bans Cryptocurrency mining apps

Google bans Cryptocurrency mining apps – Reasons behind this act:

  1. Cryptocurrency mining impacts device’s CPU usage slowing down device’s performance. Untethered mining operation overheats the device battery causing the device to physically warp.Google bans Cryptocurrency mining apps
  2. In the last 12 months the cryptocurrency value has soared, causing a rush to mint more before the burst of the potential bubble.

To take advantage of this increasing popularity of cryptocurrency mining  Cyber criminals resorted to unethical practices . They hid Malware in the mining apps. The infection was capable of carrying out various sinister actions like spamming contacts and overloading the device with adverts alongside the mining of cryptocurrencies.

The announcement of removal of Cryptocurrency mining apps has not been publicly declared by Google. However, developers who found their app removed shared the news on Reddit, an online platform allowing users to share news or content or comment on people’s post.

Other Policy changes made by Google

  1. The new policy also prohibits apps that mimic other apps or provide same experience as already existing apps.
  2. Developers are now prohibited from placing multiple Apps with similar content and user experience on Google Play Store
  3. Apps that facilitate the sale of explosives, arms and ammunition are also banned.Google bans Cryptocurrency mining apps
  4. The policy also restricts apps that deceive users with misleading content concealing the primary purpose. For instance, apps that appeal to children but contain adult themes are banned.
  5. Apps that compel users to submit personal information or click on ads before permitting them to have access to the app are also prohibited.

Similar Attempts by Apple and Google to ban cryptocurrency mining apps:

  1. Apple also banned apps from the app store that mine cryptocurrency in the beginning of June.
  2. Prior to implementing this new policy ( Google bans Cryptocurrency mining apps) Google had banned the addition of Chrome extensions that mine cryptocurrencies from Official Chrome Web Store in April this year.
  3. Google and FaceBook also announced the crackdown on advertising content related to cryptocurrency mining, cryptocurrency wallets, and cryptocurrency exchanges earlier this year. This was done as the ads were often misleading promoting scams.

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