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Chrome 74 Released With High Severity Security Fixes & Features

About: The new Chrome 74 released on April 23, 2019. This new variant is now available for desktop and mobile platforms to download. Reduced Motion Advantage has been introduced as the latest feature.

| News | Chrome 74 Released With High Severity Security Fixes & Features

Take a glance at the specifications of updated variant of chrome 74

Google’s latest Chrome 74 released has brand-new JavaScript characteristics. This new variant fixes various security vulnerabilities & links new feature such as- support for reduced motion settings & policy updates. It is now convenient for all to download from Official App Store irrespective of the platform.


Chrome 74 arrives with new java script features


With its release, many assume that the chrome dark mode would be fastened with windows 10 color settings. Users can track all modifications in this newest variant available in the chrome 74 changelog settings.

Let us peek into the new features introduced by the Chrome developers in Chrome 74. The new variant decreases motion sickness by letting the users modify motion settings as per his/her preference. The Android version gives a convenient option to lessen the motion whenever needed. Chrome is now taking further measures for websites to curb motion sickness while zooming, scrolling & other effects.

Chrome 74 released with an advanced reduced motion enables the websites to esteem when an operating system is set to limit motion impacts.

For Android & iOS, Chrome 74 has been rolled out on respective App platforms that incorporate stability & performance improvements.

The modern chrome 74 updates the JavaScript V8, the engine to variant 7.4, with web-site assembly thread, atomic, memory improvement, excellent production & a new JavaScript language feature. It has also been launched as the advanced set of APIs that permits querying what features are allowed on the websites.

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