CCleaner Version 5.45
News | 08/06/2018

CCleaner Version 5.45 faces user backlash on its Auto Monitoring Feature!

About: Users were outraged by the new changes in the auto monitoring feature of the anonymous data of the user, which CCleaner Version 5.45 collected for improving the software capabilities. The Company had to revert back to CCleaner 5.44 and requested some...  Read More  

| News | CCleaner Version 5.45 faces user backlash on its Auto Monitoring Feature!

CCleaner Version 5.45 faces user backlash on its Auto Monitoring Feature!

Piriform’s CCleaner, PC cleaning software, is facing the dissatisfaction of its users. It was found that the new version of CCleaner, Version 5.45, doesn’t allow its users to disable the ‘Active monitoring’ feature.

CCleaner Version 5.45 Auto Monitoring

The extended analytics from the collected user data is supposedly done by the company to gain an insight on how the users interact with CCleaner.

The Collected data allows the developers to detect bugs that are evolving and changing by the minute, improve UI, add new functionalities and improve and focus on the old functionalities as required.

Users were unable to find any privacy settings in the CCleaner Version 5.45 that allowed users to stop or disable anonymous data being collected by Piriform.

Users can disable the active monitoring from options>monitoring, but the feature automatically gets enabled on the next restart. Closing or quitting the software by clicking on the cross ‘X’ button would not result in termination, as the software would minimize itself in the windows tray in the taskbar.

CCleaner Version 5.45 Privacy Policy

To close CCleaner, the only alternative left was to exit the program by terminating it via the task manager and forcefully close it by clicking the ‘End Task’ button.

Having built its reputation as a program which promotes better privacy protection to the users by cleaning junk files from the user’s system, this CCleaner version 5.45 has left users feeling disgruntled at this decision taken by Piriform.

To resolve the issue, Piriform has decided to revert back to CCleaner Version 5.44 and taken down the download link to CCleaner Version 5.45. Piriform stated that they are working on a new version that will have several improvements as compared to its previous versions.

The changes will include a split in the Cleaning alerts from UI Trend data and there will be a separate setting for each of these features in the preferences options. Many features will be run separately from the UI. The user will have the ability to track each feature in the notifications area, and the user will have the ability to close it from the icon menu as before.

The Company informed users that it is working on this issue with utmost priority. It may take the company a few weeks to release the next version after resolving the current issues and implement the necessary changes.

Users are still skeptical and many have lost their trust in the company after this ‘Auto monitoring’ ‘disaster’.

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