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ASUS Hack – Cyber-Security String Strike Against ASUS Patron

About: Asus computers targeted for an attack using compromised update software. This trojanised ASUS hack updates took in the form of a backdoor application which tried to join to an attacker-controlled domain.

| News | ASUS Hack – Cyber-Security String Strike Against ASUS Patron

Unloosen the Hash!

Exclusive– While Software Security firm Kaspersky Lab has uncorked a new advanced tenacious menace attack hitting more than a million computer users comprehensive. As proclaimed on Monday that Asus tool users were steered by live streamline utility by mainlining a backdoor.

The intruders were competent to modify the Asus Live modernize service which is then used to accouche firmware & software updates to those devices.

You have apprehended of the ShadowHammer hack, an exactly hypothetical case that proves yet again that nothing can be esteemed 100%.


According to available erudition, the intent of the intervention was to surgically prey anonymous pool users which were distinguished by their interface adaptors but have targeted distinct mechanisms based on their Mac address.

First things first! The Asus federation issued a rejoinder on Tuesday to Media statements about its hazarded Asus live update tool. It gave a demonstrative tool for users to verify if their Asus device were modified. Furthermore, Asus is also communicating with targeted customers.


The modern Asus(variant 3. 6. 8) of Asus Live Update also incorporates safeguard standards. Asus declared only a very few numbers of explicit user club were affirmed to have been targeted by this intrusion.


As stated by Kaspersky Lab, the Asus computer users obtained the malware altered as an update to the utility software. This fraudulent update was released from Asus individual servers & displayed a valid Asus document.


Thus security organization Symantec also putatively confirmed that Asus servers were the origin of the false utility software update. According to a Warning post Tale by Kaspersky Lab, the assault was ongoing mid-June & November 2018. The Kaspersky Lab reported Asus about the dilemma on 31 Jan 2019.


The altered utility software entitled process ShadowHammer by Kaspersky Lab worked as a backdoor for accouching even more malware. The released Malware was deemed to be targeted to precise customers based on a program of Mac Addresses.


Kaspersky Lab was capable to identify 600 MAC Addresses that were codified into various variants of the Utility for hindering users.


Maximum of the computer users who received wicked utility software was from Russia, followed by Italy, Germany, France, and the United States.


We consider this is to be a very complicated supply string offense that excels within the shadow pad, the occurrences in complexity & techniques.

The intent after which it lingered obscure for so long is due to trojanised update was recognized with reputable Documents.


Kaspersky Lab is intending to illustrate further details at the SAS 2019 conference next month in Singapore.

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