Apple Prohibits Cryptocurrency mining apps
News | 06/18/2018

Apple prohibits cryptocurrency mining apps from its app store!

About: Apple prohibited cryptocurrency mining from its app store and made many changes to its guidelines for developers regarding cryptocurrency mining after it banned cryptocurrency mining apps from its app store. The change was made to all the apple devic...  Read More  

| News | Apple prohibits cryptocurrency mining apps from its app store!

Apple prohibits cryptocurrency mining apps from its app store!

In a recent change in its guidelines for app developers, Apple prohibited cryptocurrency mining from its App Store. The new rule was applied to all Apple Devices and platforms. Apple was forced to take this step as the cryptocurrency mining apps have to be in active mode always that was draining the battery faster.  These Cryptocurrency apps deteriorated the OS performance by engaging all the major device resources. The heat generated by the device was a cause of concerns for many users.

Apple prohibited Cryptocurrency mining from its app store after it removed Calendar 2 App from the Mac App Store in March. The calendar 2 app had offered the premium services to the users in exchange of cryptocurrency mining on the user’s devices. This was a service infringement to what apple had promised its users in terms of device performance. This app drained the battery and caused the device to heat up while affecting the OS, causing it to lag and freeze.

It was a first from apple when it took action against cryptocurrency mining apps on its app store. Apple made significant changes on how it allowed cryptocurrency apps to function in its app store. The new rules stated by apple in its new guidelines are stated below:

  1. Developers who have enrolled themselves as organizations will be allowed to create apps which allow virtual currency wallets.
  2. Cryptocurrency mining apps will only be allowed on the device if the cryptocurrency mining is done outside the device i.e. cloud-based mining.
  3. Cryptocurrency apps can help users in trading, receiving and paying via these apps only if the apps are approved by a legitimate currency exchange. The apps need to be from the exchange themselves to have credibility for the users.
  4. Apps that provide Initial coin offerings (ICOs), Cryptocurrency Futures trading, or other cryptocurrency securities trading need to be lawful and approved by banks, firms and financial institutions.
  5. Cryptocurrency apps can’t lure users by offering them currency for completing specific tasks such as sharing to social media, downloading other sponsored apps, or asking users to make their friends to download apps etc.

Apple prohibiting cryptocurrency mining from its app store will create a drastic change in the app development landscape for virtual currency. Initial coin offering and sending, receiving of cryptocurrency are already banned. Many apps that have been secretly mining cryptocurrency under the radar will now be removed after the implementation of the new guidelines.

The new rules apply to all the apple devices and platforms on the app store. Jail broken iPhones and Mac systems can still be used for mining since they are outside of apple’s security net.

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