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Android Marcher Malware is a new threat to your bank account.

About: Android Marcher Malware is the latest malware that combines three major threats into one i.e. Malware, Phishing and Credit Card Data Theft. It has targeted customers of major banks and is attacking the victims through fake "Security Application" whic...  Read More  

| News | Android Marcher Malware is a new threat to your bank account.

The latest Android Marcher Malware is a new threat that has combined three attacks i.e. Malware, Phishing and Credit Card Data Theft into one and has been said to target the customers of banks like Raiffeisen Bank, Bank Austria and Sparkasse. In this technology-driven world, everything is vulnerable and so is your Android device as well.

A 3 pronged attack, Marcher Malware launches its attack by sending a phishing message through an email containing a shortened link from a trusted source which is very well obscured within the email sent to the customer. The link redirects the individual to the fake page of targeted bank asking them about their PIN and Bank account details.

They are also asked details regarding their phone number and email address and fool customers who do all of what is asked believing it to be an authentic bank page. As soon as the information is fed by the customers in the system, they are prompted or get a pop up message asking for a “Security Application” download which is actually a malware, says the expert.

Upon downloading and installing, the application seeks extensive permissions like reading your address book, reading, receiving and sending text messages, becoming device administrator, reading and writing external storage, opening network sockets, changing system settings and even locking the device. Many of the targeted customers who downloaded the said security application have reported that they were asked to fill in their credit card details as well when the Google Play Services were running in the background.

While the Trojans and Phishing have been very common for the cybercriminals, but combining these two is a campaign to launch serious threat and attack. The upcoming years from now will witness more of such focused and integrated threats like the one which has been detailed here. So, the need of the hour is to remain vigilant and sceptical of any such communication from their banks seeking such sensitive information. Also make sure that you check for the permissions which you render to the applications and avoid downloading applications from any of the unofficial sources. Last but not the least, make sure that you use best malware protection or good quality anti-malware removal tool in order to stay protected from such infections that can cause havoc and major losses.

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