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News | 07/10/2018

Adware, Miners & unwanted extensions being pushed by Fake Adult sites!

About: Fake Adult sites use pop-ups in video playback pages to get the users to install adware, In-browser cryptocurrency miners, browser extensions etc. It displays a fake error message notification which asks the user to install a new media player. If the...  Read More  

| News | Adware, Miners & unwanted extensions being pushed by Fake Adult sites!

Adware, Miners & unwanted extensions being pushed by Fake Adult sites!

Fake Adult sites are being used as an outlet for malware such as adware, in-browser cryptocurrency miners, PuPs, unwanted browser extensions and software utility tools such as media players, security software, games etc. Unsuspecting users are often gullible to scams and fall into the traps laid out by cyber miscreants.

Most users who visit these sites know that they are bound to come across excessive ads and pop-ups. Many times getting redirected on an adult site is considered normal and closing the new redirect and moving on is what users do mostly. Thus, if they face a notification for updating their media player, on a web page where they are trying to look at a video, then most users install the update.

Fake Adult sites video player error message

The so called ‘media player’ update is just another door for the cyber miscreants to walk into your system and install malicious software without your approval. Misguiding the user to install the adware, in-browser miner, extensions, etc. is what most cyber miscreants do.

The fake adult sites contain links that are auto-generated according to the popularity of the adult stars and keyword searches from the users. This is done to get the maximum number of web pages to show up in the search engine results. Once the user tries to play a video, a fake notification to update or download a media player pops-up. The notification displays an error message that states the inability to play a video. It notifies the users that they need to download the media player mentioned in the fake notification to properly play the video.

Upon clicking the message the user will download an adware installer or get redirected to a site that asks the user to download unwanted chrome extensions. In-browser miners can also be promoted using these web pages. In-browser cryptocurrency miners, if installed, will adversely impact system performance and crash your system.

Fake Adult sites AIMP media player

(Image for AIMP Media Player)

Fake Adult sites Search offer

(Image for Search Offer Extension for chrome)

Fake Adult sites Avast Free Antivirus

(Image for Avast free antivirus bundled software)

Some of the adware installers promote legitimate and free programs in their software bundles. Programs such as AIMP media player are offered as the media player to play the adult video.

The installation setup of AIMP media player contains bundles for programs such as a ‘search extension’ for chrome, or an antivirus program such as Avast.

Users are advised to not fall into these traps as they can end up installing unwanted software on their system. If a site displays these kinds of error messages or fake update notifications then close the web page and find your entertainment elsewhere.

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