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News | 11/25/2019

A New Whatsapp bug that emulates Pegasus spyware found

About: Facebook recently discovered a brand-new Whatsapp Bug that bears resemblance to the infamous Pegasus Spyware. Refer to the post below to learn how to protect yourself from the attack of this nasty bug.

| News | A New Whatsapp bug that emulates Pegasus spyware found

The digital age is a boon as well as a bane for modern-day people. Nowadays, the threat of malware attacks on computers and mobile devices has become common. Social media platforms like Facebook‚Whatsapp & Instagram have been victims of such fraudulent attacks for the past few months.

Whatsapp Bug Found

Facebook has recently discovered a new bug on WhatsApp that threatens to invade your privacy with a simple whatsapp Video. Let us know more about this WhatsApp hack and how you can protect your mobile device.

How does the WhatsApp bug work?

The whatsapp bug tracked as cve-2019-11931 is a new variant of stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability similar to Pegasus spyware. In this method, hackers add a malicious code to the MP4 files and send it to gullible users. This process is possible due to an issue in parsing the fundamental stream metadata of an MP4 video. Once it is downloaded, hackers can remotely access the smartphone and steal precious data.

Which Whatsapp versions are affected by the malware?

  1. Public: WhatsApp versions before 2.19.274 on Android and iOS versions before 2.19.100 have been impacted.
  2. Business: Whatsapp Business versions prior to 2.19.104 on Android and 2.19.100 on iOS are prone to this bug.
  3. Enterprise: Whatsapp for Enterprise versions prior to 2.25.3 are impacted.

How to safeguard yourself from this bug?

Although this vulnerability is not being exploited on a large scale, Whatsapp has ensured to fix the harmful bug. It has advised all the users to update whatsapp to the latest version to prevent any unauthorized access of your mobile device.

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