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News | 02/15/2019

127 Million Stolen User Databases Put on for Sale on Dream Market

About: TechCrunch, a Tech news site reported that around 127 million stolen user databases were put on sale on Dream Market, a dark web app by a seller named Gnosticplayers. The amount set for selling the entire batch of 127 million accounts is $14,500 in b...  Read More  

| News | 127 Million Stolen User Databases Put on for Sale on Dream Market

The ever-growing advancements in technology have intriguingly transformed human’s life & turned everything digital. However, the pacing advancements have also paved a way for an increase in the purloin of social media & bank records and their sale in the Dream Market, the Dark Web app.


One such Data Breach incidence was brought to light earlier this week wherein 620 million user accounts were stolen from over 16 companies and sold at colossal 20,000 US Dollars in Bitcoin. The individual selling records stolen from the latest data breach goes by the name of Gnosticplayers.


Surprisingly, the same seller has now put up another hefty batch of 127 million users accounts holding their origin from 8 distinct companies on sale on the Dream Market Marketplace. The total selling amount set by the individual for the entire collection of 127 million accounts is $14,500 in bitcoin.



Dream Market refers to a dark web market which was launched in November 2013. This online market provides an unidentified access to illegal services & items ranging from malicious viruses to weapons, from drugs to stolen user data, readily made available for further manipulation.


Insight into the Security Breach & Its Sale

During the sale of the first batch of stolen user accounts, Gnosticplayers shrewdly removed the collection from the market so as to avoid many customers. Similarly, the latest batch of stolen data put up for sale on the Dream Market has now been removed by the seller.

The seller disabled the marketplace entries on dark web app & left a message quoting that the listings have been removed in order to avoid them being leaked & bought multiple times. The message further stated that the next round of data protection breach will be made available to the customers soon.

Compromised companies


TechCrunch, the tech news site who first reported the sale of 270 million hacked accounts on Dream Market, stated that Gnosticplayers is demanding for $14,500 which is equivalent to 4 Bit coins.

Prices of the stolen user accounts vary on the basis of:

  • The quality of the user data.
  • Difficulty in cracking password hashes.

Here is a list of companies whose user accounts were stolen in the latest data breach:

  • 83 million accounts from Ge.tt (a file sharing service) for 0.16 bitcoin
  • 18 million accounts from Ixigo (travel & hotel booking service) for 0.262 bitcoin
  • 4 million accounts from Roll20.net (a gaming website) for 0.0582 bitcoin
  • 57 million accounts from Houzz (an interior designing app) for 2.91 bitcoin
  • 420,000 accounts from Coinmama ( CryptoCurrency Exchange) for 0.3497 bitcoin
  • 40 million accounts from Younow (a live streaming app) for 0.131 bitcoin
  • 5 million accounts from Stronghold Kingdoms (a gaming app) for 0.291 bitcoin
  • 1 million accounts from Petflow (pet food delivery app) for 0.1777 bitcoin

The initial batch of 620 million user records made available for sale on Dream market earlier this week was reported by the Register. The details marked the entries listed by the seller & the number of user records contained within.


The 16 compromised companies & number of breached user databases are MyFitnessPal (151 million), EyeEm (22 million), 8fit (20 million), Whitepages (18 million), Fotolog (16 million), Dubsmash (162 million), CoffeeMeetsBagel (6 million), Artsy (1 million), and DataCamp (700,000), MyHeritage (92 million), ShareThis (41 million), HauteLook (28 million), Animoto (25 million), 500px (15 million), Armor Games (11 million), BookMate (8 million).


Out of all the compromised companies, Coffee Meets Bagel & Houzz confirmed Data Breach this week & accepted that the data with Gnosticplayers is real & not just a scam.


Both the batch collections with a total of 747 Million Stolen User databases are no longer available for sale, however if we were to believe what Gnosticplayers stated in the message, the next session of Data protection breach is on the way!

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