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iOS | 06/08/2019

The new iPadOS will leave you thrilled with its interface

About: The new iPadOS is to give the best tablet experience in the world. It will be equipped with new ways to draw using the Apple pencil.

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Apple to launch a new OS for the Apple iPad-




The WWDC, 2019, displayed new devices as well as OSs. Out of these the most innovative and new design is of the iPadOS. It is packed with capabilities and attributes that suit the massive display and the varied use of the iPad.


iPad OS Pro


The iPadOS is built on the underpinning of the iOS 13. And, hence, it adds the powerful multitasking to the plate. The primitive versions of iPad were based on the iOS entirely. But, the new version of iPad will be equipped with the iPadOS. This OS is specially built for the iPad which makes it more efficient and liked by the professional clan.




The Best feature that can be seen in the new iPad is the extraordinary use of the Apple pencil. This use makes it a favorite for the designers, architects and artists.


Live draw


The iPad is known for expressing the creativity in people by transforming itself according to the work-style of the user. iPadOS is something that entirely takes it to the next level by being as infinite as a canvas.

“iPadOS delivers exciting features, including a new Home screen with widgets, more powerful multitasking and new tools that make using Apple Pencil even more natural”, said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior VP of Software Engineering.


Some of the features include:


The fantastic split view and slide-over-


iPad OS


The new updates of Split-view will let the users to work with different files and documents for a same app simultaneously. You can now move quickly within apps using the enhanced multitasking of the device.


A really nice interaction with the pencil and the digital canvas-


Live drawing


iPadOS made it possible for Apple to let customers feel the iPad experience. Users will now be able to mark the web pages and send them as well. You can now send documents and emails using the enhanced Apple pencil. A redefined tool bar will give you a quick access to color palettes, eraser, a ruler, tools and shapes. It now comes equipped with the new pixel eraser with which you can erase even a strand from your stroke on that digital canvas. Apple pencil, in its contemporary form feels even more natural than the primitive siblings as it works on the prediction algorithm.

Thus, drawing on an iPad is way natural than we used to experience a few years ago.


A new home screen-


Yes the recent iPad is surely getting a new home screen that has been redesigned. It has a new layout that will show more apps on the main screen and other pages as well. On this screen one can add ‘today view’ to get a quick access to the recent topics. For Example, you can now glance at the headlines, weather news, calendar dates, events etc.




The files application is a necessity if accessing and handling documents has to be done quickly. iCloud drive makes it easier for the customers to share folders. The users who have a designated access will be the ones who are allowed to open your folder.


Like Desktop like iPad-


Smart Keyboard


The users will now be able to browse on safari with an exact feel they used to get, back at their PCs. This is possible only because of the iPad OS that is designed smart enough to present the desktop version of the Safari App. This allows the users to go through Google docs, Squarespace and WordPress quite easily. Safari also supports enhanced tabs, new keyboard shortcuts and download manager.

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