iOS 13 Beta Version
iOS | 06/07/2019

iOS 13 To Get The Best Features Till Date

About: The beta version of iOS 13 to surface the markets till third week of September. Reports from San Jose, California confirm the introduction of dark mode.

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Apple to Bring iOS 13, this Fall-


iOS 13


It was San Jose, California, the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) held on 3rd of June 2019 when Apple .Inc announced the launch of the latest version of iOS, iOS 13. It comes packed with varied features. This launch news comes amidst the launch of a load of apple OSs. They literally launched an update for every product that comes in Apple’s 2019 product line-up. A new Mac OS, watch OS and Mac PRO (the most powerful and elite apple device till date). They even launched a separate OS for iPad (one of the most advanced tablets in the entire world).

For the developer whose adrenaline rush urges the most! A great opportunity awaits your participation to test and review the latest version of iOS.


iOS 13 Date schedule prior release-

  • June 3rd at WWDC 2019, San Jose, California- First Look at iOS 13 beta 1
  • July, beta release in public
  • September 2019, iOS 13 Golden Master (final version)
  • 3rd Week of September 2019 is likely to mark the advent of new OS in the recent iPhones (probably 11)


Devices that can be equipped with the new iOS-

According to the conference report, this latest version will be seen combining with iPhone 6s and the successors. This version will also be compatible with the iPhone SE. This implies that in case your iPhone is more than four years old, it is recommended for you to change it lest you want to be with iOS 12 forever. According to the sources, iPod Touch of 7th generation will be getting an iOS 13 update as well.


Introduction of completely new and adorably interactive features with iOS 13

The Dark Mode

  • The much-awaited dark mode gets to breathe on the iOS 13
  • It will be available in iPod OS as well.

Dark Theme


What’s new about this feature? Well we all know that macOS got a system-wide dark mode, hence, Apple has decided to induct this dark mode in the latest iOS version. This means that now the elite Apple users will be able to switch the hues from bright white to light grey or black on all dark mode supporting applications.

It saves your device’s battery if it is iPhone X equipped with OLED display. This feature is helpful at night when you require low-light conditions on your screen.


 Find My

A combination of ‘find my iPhone’ and ‘find my friends’, Find my, is a new feature that the iOS gets. This merger lets you to find your friends as well as idevices easily. It also gets an interactive and simple interface.


iOS Find My


The most fascinating thing about this feature is that it uses an encrypted Bluetooth signal. This signal uses crowd-sourcing and helps you to track the idevices that are not in the cellular WiFi networks. It is very helpful in case the Apple customer lose their device.


The Evolution of ‘Reminders’

This is the app that gets the biggest do up in iOS 13. It is now inclusive of a better organized and easier interface. Adding reminders via shortcuts is actually fun and fast.




These shortcuts appear on the topmost shelf of the keyboard. This bar contains short passages for users to add dates, photos, time, locations, scan of documents and flags. Schedule, flagged categories, today and all, bear large blue buttons.


The Camera gets better

Adjusting the light, while clicking a photo in portrait mode is one amongst the several new features that will be introduced in iOS 13. A monochromatic effect, High-key mono is also a new feature that the portrait mode gets.


Gallery Update


Apple has really turned the photo library into ‘a diary of life’. It is to get new tabs designated for the candid photos arranged by date. You can now zoom in & out of your diary. Adjustment controls and filters have been added as well during the do up of photo editor. For them, who are not good at shooting videos, iOS 13 brings ‘auto-adjustment’ button.


Her new voice!

The virtual assistance, Siri, is to get a new voice as an upgrade. It is believed to have a close to natural voice tough same, still less robotic. It uses an advanced version of neural text-to-speech technology, states Apple. And, this change can be felt when Siri recites long phrases. It reads apple news and answers knowledge questions with a more sensible voice.

The most fun update that she receives is the voice assistance on HomePod. This enhanced voice assistance will recognize the voice of your family members at your home. This will prevent your information from getting revealed in front of any other family member.


You can now do makeup on your memojis!




Focusing on ‘Me’ in Memoji apple provides a trillion combinations including hairstyles, makeup, and piercings & so on. A new feature to these memojis is the stickers as when an idevice user customizes a memoji, the device will automatically create funny sticker pack for that memoji. This sticker can be used in messages, mails and third party apps.

As of now it s evident that now you have the control over the visibility of your profile to your contacts or public. These Memojis can be shared with your close ones via messages.


Map becomes more real!




The ‘Maps’ app on your idevice is to get a better interactive interface and experience. Apple has been known to build masterpieces of technical advancements. Hence, we will be looking at the realistic roads, parks, beaches and buildings. Users can now get a 360-degree 3 dimensional experience of the city’s schematics.


An iPhone that is faster and lasts longer

There is advancement in the app-launch speed in the iOS 13. This speed has been raised twice the speed in the older OS. The Face ID unlocking gets a 30% increase while the average speed to download an app from the store is increased by 60%.


fast charging


Apple has also worked on increasing the battery life. This change is possible by reducing the time that the device takes to charge fully. This OS is supposed to learn from your charging routine so that it is able to charge the phone beyond 80% before you use it again.


Home Pod to get new features!

All music lovers! Now, you don’t have to worry about listening songs with Siri’s help as you can transfer songs from your iphone by placing it closer to the HomePod speaker. Live radio feature will also be a part of the iOS 13 update. You can now play 100,000 stations from around the world.

Home-pod now features a recognition feature so as to differentiate amonst the family members. This will help the system to personalize music, messages, reminders, notes etc. preferences according to the person talking to the pod.




Apart from these above described features-

  • Xbox One and PS4 game controller support
  • Text formatting in Mails
  • Silence Unknown calls
  • Connect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from control center

-are some amongst the many features that will be revealed during the iOS 13 launch in mid September.


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